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Donny Osmond Planning to Outdance Dancing Star Marie

February 29, 2008 09:30 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Donny-and-Marie-Courtesy-BBCOkay, it’s what we kids of the ’70s have been waiting for for decades. The Osmonds are planning to get back together for a tour (I’ve been feathering my hair and singing “Deep Purple” all day).

Donny Osmond, brother of Dancing With the Stars contestant, Marie Osmond, has announced that the famous fam will be touring together later this year, followed by a stay in Vegas for Donny and Marie.

“I have found footage in my basement that we haven’t seen since 1973, so we’re going to use that in the tour,” he told Good Morning America on Wednesday.”We’re going to the U.K., all over Asia, and then Marie and I are going back to Vegas.”

And Donny has plans for Vegas: To prove once and for all that he’s the better dancer in the family. He revealed to GMA that there’ll be a dance competition between the brother-sister teamwhile in Vegas, one which he plans to win.

Marie Osmond stole the hearts of Dancing With the Stars audiences with her good humor and charming demeanor (and, okay, she’s still cute as heck!) in season 5, taking 3rd place.

So I can’t remember…which one of themis a little bit country? And is the other still a little bit rock and roll? And where did I put my white leisure suit…?

Photo Courtesy: BBC

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