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American Idol Contestants Deny Feuding Reports

March 01, 2008 11:53 AM by Joe Reality


According to TMZ’s unnamed spies, the American Idol contestants are engaged in some rather nasty feuding. American Idol judge Simon Cowell even hinted at the possibility when after a recent standout performance by David Archuleta, he said, “Right now, you’re the one to beat, and they’re nineteen very miserable contestants sitting here tonight.”

However, if there are feuds taking place, then none of the most recently eliminated American Idol contestants are willing to admit to it. In a recent conference call with media, a couple of former American Idol 7 contestants went on record with their view that it’s all just one big happy family.

In regards to feuding, Alexandrea Lushington said, “If there is I wouldn’t know, because I basically got along with everybody. Um, I try to stay away from the negativity, and everybody does, so if there is any kind of feuding between anyone, then it’s not anywhere near me, because I basically be respectful and nice and friendly to everyone there, and I was, we were all just like one big family.”

In regards to if the contestants ever didn’t get along, Alaina Whitaker said, “I’ve never seen it in the other seasons, watching the TV show you don’t really see it on camera, but being behind the scenes this year, there’s definitely not, everyone is so great to each other. They are really supportive, and everyone just wants the best for each other, and we definitely know it’s a competition, but you know at the same time everyone’s really nice.”

Jason Yeager said, “Yeah, I really honestly thought that it was going to be more cutthroat. You know, like competition, and everybody’s kind of off in their own corner and whatever, but it was just, and you can see it on television, like Thursday nights are horrible for all of us, because we have just become all so close. I don’t think there’s one person in that entire twenty-four that I’m not going to miss, and you know that I don’t have their phone numbers.” Yeager also added, “We don’t want to say goodbye, so no, I don’t think there’s any of that drama or anything going on. I personally haven’t experienced any of it.”

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