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Big Brother 9: Josh & Sharon Nominate Ryan & Allison/Matt & Natalie

March 02, 2008 09:27 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Big-Brother-Courtesy-CBSIt’s Day 21, and our house-guests are still rehashing Alex and Amanda’s eviction from the house. Matt isn’t happy to see his “boy,” Alex go, but James is completely content. “Operation Condor is complete!” he crows.

But for Joshua, tonight it’s all about the L word: lie, lie, lie, lie, lie! As in Allison’s great big lesbian lie. Seems Josh is none too pleased about Allison’s hoax about being a lesbian and having adopted a son.

For Josh, it’s about more than just being a deceiving person. It’s about pretending to be gay, which he, as a gay man whoknows the struggles of coming out,finds to be totally wrong.

Allison and Josh have more than their fair share of head-to-heads tonight, beginning with Josh screaming in Allison’s face that he’s going to make her life hell, and calling her “an ugly skank.”

As Ryan tries to calm a sobbing Allison, he comments that Josh is “psychotic,” having first attacked Amanda and now Allison. “I’ve been nothing but good in this game,” Allison cries, adding that she shouldn’t have to take anyone talking to her the way Josh did. But then she lays into Matt and Ryan for not taking up for her when Josh was in her face — telling them that they should be ashamed of themselves for not coming to her aid.

In the meantime, Josh and Sharon check out their new HOH digs, admiring photos and knick-knacks, including Josh’s “princess for a day” tiara.

Then Josh gets to work on forming ananti-Allison league. He tells Ryan about Allison’s lie, which angers Ryan.He confronts Allison about it. “That shows how manipulative you can be in this game,” he says. “No one can believe you in this house.” Allison responds by callingRyan a jerk and saysif he’s noton her side she doesn’t want to be in this with him, either.

That night,Natalie tries to getsome cuddling in bed with Matt, but he’sturning the cold shoulder on her. “Do not get emotionally attached to me,” hewhispers. She promises not to, but…I’ve heard moreconvincing promises…

In the morning Josh and Sharon(dressed in overalls) gather thehouse-guests for the food competition. The girls put on green asparagus unitards andthey head outside for the “Big Ass-paragus” challenge. Each of the guyshas to loadup crates ofasparagus to match, within 10 pounds, the weight of the girl on histeam. The only means by which to judge the girls’ weightsis through picking them up and going by feel.The players must work together, and each team that achievestheir goal will win a food group for thewholehouse. James and Chelsia win beverages and snacks; Sheila and Adam win fruits and veggies; Ryan andAllison win meats and cheeses; but Matt and Nataliemiss, costing the house carbs and a feast.

Soon it’s Allison’s turn to accost Josh. She bursts into the room,yelling that he’s ugly and stupid and immature. “Youjust getuglier the more makeup you put on,” Josh retorts. “I can’t wait to send you home.” He rounds up all the other players to the HOH room for a house meeting, sans-Ryan and Allison.

After getting some major grief from Ryan about the whole ordeal, Allison decides to try a different route, heading up tothe HOH room forsome alone time with Sharon and Josh.Allison apologizes all over herself. “I want to be cool with you guys from here on out,” she says. But Josh is cool to her at best, and it’s obvious that, in his mind, her apology is too-little-too-late.

Finally, Josh and Sharon gather everyone together for eviction nominations.They nominate Matt and Natalie and, of course, Ryan and Allison.

Matt’s ticked to be put up for eviction once again. Ryan thinks it’s all Allison’s fault that he’s in this position. Allison’s ready for a fight with Josh. “I justcan’t wait to pack her bags and send her home,” Josh says.

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