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RTV Predicts…The Reality Week Ahead

March 03, 2008 09:08 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Oprah's Big Give Airplane Photo Credit: ABC/Chris ChaviraWith the biggest reality TV shows of the year currently running, the world is abuzz with chat about their favorite shows. Who will get eliminated this week? Who will say the wrong thing? Whose hair will be the topic of conversation? Whose clothes? Whose views? Whose antics?

We at Reality TV Magazine are talking, too. We’ve asked our writers to predict the week ahead. Here are our best guesses at what we can expect to see on our favorite shows this week:

Joe, on American Idol:

1. David Archuleta has zero percent chance of getting eliminated this week and will make the top twelve of American Idol.

2. Because of Alaina Whitaker’s breakdown last week, Ryan Seacrest will lay off the tricks and be more sympathetic in his eliminations this week.

3. Regardless of who is eliminated, Paula Abdul will act shocked and surprised, because it is her firm belief that all twenty four semifinalists should make the top twelve.

4. Regardless of who is eliminated, Simon Cowell will act as if the results are just as expected, because it is his firm belief that none of the top twenty four semifinalists should make the top twelve.

Jen, on American Idol:

…Have I mentioned how much I love David Archuleta? Don’t worry, David! I’ve got unlimited texting — you’re in, buddy!

Jen, on Biggest Loser Couples:

This week it’s going to get serious as Mark’s departure reminds the teams that just about anyone can go at this point. Jay will flounder a bit without his brother, but will turn that despondency into a renewed drive to get the job done and will turn out his biggest loss ever. Dan’s cockiness will catch up to him on the scale, but he’ll smirk and shrug and find a way to use it to insult the Black Team. I’m feeling a big loss for one of the girls coming on, but it won’t be enough to keep them in the game. One of the girls will go home this week (probably Kelly, who still has the most to lose).

Jen, on Project Runway:

It’s season finale FAAAABULOUS this week, as the final three contestants take the runway at Bryant Park. Having seen a snippet of each finalist’s work, I’d have to say the win will likely go to Jillian, whose work is absolutely wearable (and doesn’t contain any human hair, by the way). But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’d totally like to get my hands on that little pleated red shirt that Rami showed Tim last week. Okay, and for the record, I’m totally pulling for Christian, who brings new meaning to the word “fierce,” and is like this total child prodigy. But…were those pants feathered?

Jen, on Celebrity Apprentice:

Just in case Omarosa has any fans left on the show, I think this week she’ll lose them as she attacks Piers on a new, more personal level. Will Piers’ response be the new cool and collected variety we’ve seen as of late, or will it be more than he can take and will he resort back to his old insult-slinging ways? One of them is going home, people, and I think that one will be Omarosa (okay, you can just tell — even The Donald doesn’t like her).

Jen, on Big Brother:

Josh and Allison will continue their nasty-thon. Josh will call Allison a “skank,” and Allison will make a comment about Josh’s intelligence. Josh will respond by calling her ugly and saying something about her “third eye,” and will get the whole house behind him. I predict that Ryan and Allison are on their way out.

Jen, on Oprah’s Big Give:

Okay, last night’s season premiere was just practice, don’t you think? While $40,000, $50,000, even $75,000 is respectable, it’s not even a little taste of what these contestants can do, and I think they know it. I predict that this week we’ll see the contestants get more creative with their money-raising tactics and the numbers will get way higher. I also predict that I’ll cry at least fifty times.

Can’t watch the shows? Check out Reality TV Magazine throughout the week to catch recaps of your favorites (and see how our predictions pan out!).

Photo Courtesy: ABC/Chris Chavira

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