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BB 9: Nominees Matt/Natalie Win Veto, Remove Themselves From Block

March 04, 2008 09:44 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-matt-cast-photo-resized1.jpg“Allison is truly ugly on the inside and out.” That’s what Joshuah said about his competitor following last episode’s explosion. He was still upset about her claims of being a lesbian and having an adopted son so he wanted her ousted next.

Adam/Sheila stayed safe yet again in the nomination ceremony. “It’s only a matter of time before Adam and I have no keys,” Sheila said. The couple who seemed like it would be one of the first to go still in the house with no major target on their backs. Amazing how things work out.

After he teased her with a short kiss in bed during “cuddle time” last episode, Natalie was really getting into Matt asking him for a massage multiple times. He never did give her one.

But the strategy was about to begin. Allison and Natalie decided that whoever wins the veto that they would pull themselves off and target Adam/Sheila to become the new nominees. Then they would campaign for one another to stay in the house.

bb9-natalie-cast-photo-resized.jpgThe veto competition arrived with only one team sitting out – James/Chelsia. James was chosen to host the battle as he came out dressed in a toga to be Cupid. He just looked awkward. The way the game worked was one team member was down below with the other player strapped in a harness connected by a pulley system. As the player on the ground ran forward to get puzzle pieces, their partner would be lifted into the air to a board where the puzzle was to be constructed. The first to finish the seemingly simple puzzle and place an arrow through a red heart near the board would win the power of veto.

Allison figured it out early that the puzzle was the veto symbol and she got really excited when she realized they only needed one more piece. But since there were more pieces than necessary, finding the last one was the most difficult. Then Natalie was down to one piece left and within moments, nominees Matt/Natalie pierced their heart claiming victory. It was a close finish.

After the competition and realizing she was still on the block, Allison was upset thinking that Joshuah was targeting her for no reason. She asked him again why he was targeting her so hard and he said that she was too much of a gossiper. He also said her manipulation was disgusting and he cut their talk short by walking outside.

From one strategy to the next, Matt went upstairs to the HOH bedroom to see Sharon with a scheme of his own. First, he started talking about how Allison stirs up the pot too much. Then he claimed to be the brains of his team. Then his partner was standing outside the HOH door looking for him. To avoid her, he ran off and hid in the bathroom. When Sharon answered the door, she pretended not to know where he was. Then, after she left, the two got back in bed together and started kissing. In a Diary Room confession, Matt said he was all about playing Sharon and it seemed she was falling right into it. Then in Sharon’s confessional, she said that she knew exactly what he was trying to do and that she was willing to play right along.

Natalie continued searching for Matt and returned to the HOH bedroom and when the door was opened this time, they said that he was using the bathroom. To try and cool her feelings down, Matt told Natalie that he wanted to just be friends, that she wasn’t his type of girlfriend. Although he felt that she realized that he didn’t want to be a couple she said, “Matty could still definitely be my soul mate – without a doubt.”

And finally, Big Brother adding a new game element to this dry season – an alarm. Whenever this sounds, the houseguests are to go into the living room and expect the unexpected. Everybody seemed worried and it’s been promised that the secret of the alarm will be revealed in tomorrow’s live episode.

But first, the veto ceremony arrived. Not trying to be Marcellas Jr., Matt/Natalie pulled themselves off of the block forcing the Heads of Household, Joshuah/Sharon to nominate a new couple. With only two to choose from, Adam/Sheila were picked to take up the other half of the nomination couch.

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