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Biggest Loser Couples: Bye, Bye Bernie

March 04, 2008 10:22 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Bernie-Courtesy-NBCJay’s “head’s still kinda foggy,” after the loss of his brother Mark. “There really is no justice when it comes to the scale,” he cries. In fact, the whole Blue Team seems kinda foggy when trainer Bob pays them a visit. He calls it “like a funeral” in the Blue room, adding, “I could not believe that Roger was sitting in that room!” But Bob is nothing if not good for a pep talk, and he pumps up Team Blue as best as he can.

Meanwhile, over at Team Black, Jillian’s trying to give a pep talk of her own, which isn’t easy since she’s not entirely positive that the female-dominated Black Team can put a win over on the male-heavy Blue.

But there’s no time for pining right now — there’s a Temptation Challenge to be had. Alison gathers the teams and explains that they will be facing a vending machine, which will randomly spit out goodies. Some of the goodies — packs of Extra gum — will have cash prizes written on the backs of them, while other goodiesare just of the fattening variety (and if a fattening goody falls, the player must eat it). Even better, there’s a 1-pound pass in the machine as well, to be used in tonight’s weigh-in. Almost everyone scores big in one way or another at the machine. All except Kelly, who only manages to make herself sick on sweets without ever pulling that ever-elusive 1-pound pass. Dan scores huge with $9,500 in cash prizes.

As last week’s Biggest Loser Player of the Week, Bernie hikes up the hill to receive his reward. He chooses “gameplay,” which gives him the right to assign immunity to any player in the game, other than himself, at tonight’s weigh-in.

It’s off to the hospital for the Losers, back for a re-check, where the doc upgrades their condition from “critical” to “fair.” Each of the players gets to meet with a specialist and learn how they’ve improved themselves during the past 10 weeks. They also get a special surprise: a visit and pep talk from season 2 Loser, Dr. Jeff. He talks to them about being “Obesity Survivors,” and gives them advice on how to keep the ball rolling.

The teams meet up again for another challenge. This time Alison gathers them at the top of a 500-foot canyon. Each team player will have to zipline (up an incline, that is) over the canyon, gathering flags. The team to gather the most flags wins the prize of “Fighter Pilot for a Day” (a cool dogfight flight). This task, more than any other on Loser, challenges the players both mentally and physically, as they have to fight their fears at the same time as taxing their bodies.

It’s close, but Kelly’s slow performance against Jay lets Team Blue slip ahead, allowing them to take the win.

Back on campus, the guys hit the gym hard. Mark-less, Jay rocks the gym, giving his workout more gusto than ever before. Dan, who accomplishes a workout he’d never thought possible, is overwhelmed with emotion. “It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt,” he says.

It’s time for the weigh-in, and Alison begins with announcements. First, she tells the teams that 5 of them have 1-pound passes from the Temptation Challenge. Next, she has Bernie choose his immune player (he chooses Brittany, of course). Finally, she tells them that they’re no longer Team Blue and Team Black, but are individuals now. The teams and the trainers are stunned.

Tonight everyone puts up good numbers. Roger hits the coveted 100-pound mark (104 pounds, actually — yeah, Roger!), and Dan comes close, with 99 pounds (woot! woot!).

It’s a bad week for Bernie, who ends up below the yellow line by less than one pound. Had he not given the immunity to Brittany, she would’ve been the one on the chopping block. Instead, it’s Kelly and Bernie that are up for Elimination tonight.

The Black Team mourns their tough choice ahead, but Team Blue is celebrating. “We control the game!” Dan crows.

In the Elimination Room, there are tons of tears as Team Black votes for Kelly. But Team Blue has other plans — they pick off Bernie with a vote of 3-2.

“I am extremely proud of what I’ve accomplished here on campus,” Bernie says. “By no means is it over. I’m gonna see this on through.”

Today, Bernie is confident with energy levels through the roof. He’s lost an amazing 108 pounds and is excited to come back to campus in April.

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