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Millionaire Matchmaker: Paul and Heinz and a Shocking Conclusion

March 04, 2008 10:44 PM by DA Southern

Millionaire Club Director Patti Stanger talking serious business to a clientWe wind down our first season of The Millionaire Matchmaker as we came in, with two clueless millionaires lost without love in their life. Patti Stanger gives us a final look in her crazy world of matchmaking as Paul, a handsome 32-year-old real-estate developer from Las Vegas and Heinz, the reserved owner of the famous agency, L.A. Models, contact Patti for love advice.

The agency was already buzzing as Patti displayed to the staff a wedding invitation from a millionaire who she had matched with his true love. Patti lives for these moments and tells us how rewarding her job is at times like this.

Patti tells us that matchmaking is not about the money, but about the matching of two souls and getting karma in Heaven and that she is truly doing God’s work. The jury is still out on that as we quickly transitioned to the first of our hopeless romantics, Paul.

In his video, Paul talked of how he came to America at the tender age of 16 with $1100.00 in his pocket and is now worth millions. Patti and all of the staff seemed hot on him even to the point of Alison telling Patti that he would be good for her. Patti wondered if he had escaped the Taliban or something which caused Alison to turn away as to say, “God, Mom, sometimes you embarrass me so much.”

The staff then saw the video of Heinz, the owner of a world-class model agency, and watched as he explained his lack of enthusiasm on dates. Patti was having a hard time reading him and decided to take Chelsea and Alison to meet the millionaires.

Patti and Alison met Heinz at LA Models as he was working with some of the young models and Heinz explained that he was successful and really didn’t know his net worth and that anyone who did, wasn’t really that successful. Yeah, that’s what I always say too.

We got a glimpse into the lavish home of Heinz as he talked about his divorce and the type of woman he wanted. Patti asked him if he thought that being around the young, attractive models maybe had made him jaded, but he assured Patti that was not the case. Alison and Patti both asked him questions and Patti still found him extremely hard to read. Patti informed him that she would have him meet women at an informal cocktail party and that he would choose several women to date. Heinz agreed in a very low-key manner and you could tell that this would be a challenge for Patti.

Patti, with Chelsea in tow, was next off to see the handsome Paul to see what the stars had in store for him. Paul was much more decisive with the kind of girl who he was attracted to and Patti knew she had a stable to pull from for Paul. She told him that he would meet girls at the party with Heinz and that he was to narrow down his choice as well. Patti asked Paul to name the girl he would identify that suited him and Paul immediately shot back, Ivanka Trump. Boy, The Donald is going to be checking this guy out when he finds out. The only other issue was his desire for a Jewish girl, which Patti identified with as she is Jewish as well.

Patti set up a meeting with relationship expert, Dr. Shannon Fox, for the dry as toast, Heinz, to see if she could get him to open up a bit. Heinz was not too sure of meeting with her at first but seemed fairly open with Dr. Fox as the lunch continued. Dr. Fox ascertained that Heinz seemed to evaluate dates like he evaluated models and that he needed to become a bit more real and to let his guard down.

Back at the club, the staff was knee-deep in the girl selection for the men. Patti immediately laid out a couple of girls who she thought would work for each of the men but told Chelsea and Alison to keep looking for additional girls.

Paul and Heinz met at a posh men’s styling studio to get them both cleaned up for the big event later that day. Both men seemed nervous but were anticipating the cocktail party and the girls that Patti and the team had picked for them.

Patti greeted the girls to give them a quick background pitch about the guys and then brought the men down to mingle. Heinz immediately went into “analyze” mode as he approached the girls while Paul easily glided into a relaxed stance as he genuinely tried to develop a connection, but was very analytical as he conversed with them. Patti genuinely was concerned about Heinz and if he would listen to Dr. Fox’s advice and a bit amazed about how Paul seemed to interview the girls a bit too much.

Patti then pulled the men aside to have them pick a few to talk to in more of an intimate setting. She even had pictures of them, probably for Heinz more than Paul, for them to pick through. Each of the men conversed with several of the girls and, finally, Paul narrowed down his choice to Cidney and Heinz picked Marcela for their dates.

Cidney was flown to Vegas to meet Paul for a fabulous night on the town and, after a limo ride around the Vegas strip; Paul then took Cidney to a swank restaurant. Paul immediately started quizzing Cidney about her plans for marriage and if she wanted a family…and that was before they even got their salads. Slow down, big guy!

Paul then drove Cidney to the airport to take Cidney on a Helicopter ride around Vegas. Before the ride, Cidney decided to call her mother to tell her what she was doing and then put Paul on the phone, which had all of the earmarks of disaster, but a role Paul relished as he seemingly won the mother over. As the helicopter flew over Vegas, Paul made it a point to show Cidney the wedding chapels of Vegas. Oh, my God…you don’t think…

Marcela greeted Heinz at his posh LA estate for their date and was impressed at the home but was not as impressed as she tried to get him to open up by asking him questions. Heinz took Marcela out for a fancy dinner and he seemed to loosen up a bit after the wine came as did Marcela. Marcela even started some very gratuitous flirting with Heinz that he didn’t quite know what to do with but, he did smile a lot.

Back in Vegas, Paul took Cidney back to his home and, after some chat about how he thought they connected, did “it”…he asked her to marry him. Cidney was shocked and said that she “would consider it”, but, that they needed to get to know each other more. Paul agreed but genuinely wanted it to happen as they called Patti to tell her the good news.

Back at the restaurant in LA, the wine was really beginning to kick in and Heinz and Marcela seemed to be warming to each other, maybe not as much as Paul and Cidney, but probably enough for a second date.

The next day Patti called Marcela to see the status of the future with Heinz. Patti was glad that he had come out of his shell a bit as Marcela had agreed to a second date and then picked up the marriage message from Paul and was shocked as she played it for Chelsea.

Paul met with Patti at her office and Patti grilled him about if he was serious and would follow through with the proposal and the Jewish wedding plans. Paul assured her that he would and he then called Cidney and was invited over for dinner with her family. Patti gave Paul final advice on how to impress Cidney’s family and sent him on his way.

At the end, we were told that Heinz and Marcela had gone out on several more dates and Heinz was continuing his quest to “loosen up” and Cidney was living with Paul in Vegas as their wedding plans were progressing.

“I love my business,” says Patti in a final bit of wisdom about who she is. “If I were a millionaire and I won the lottery tomorrow, I would literally go around the world doing this for people for free. Like a “Mother Theresa” of matchmaking.”

As quirky as we found this show, we loved it just as much. We are sure we have not seen the last of Patti Stanger and her staff as they look to make the world of love a better place to live one millionaire couple at a time.

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