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Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Apprentice’s Nely Galan!

March 04, 2008 10:18 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Nely-Galan-Courtesy_NBCWe may not have known her when the season began, but we definitely fell in love with the fiery Latina TV producer who refused to back down to Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice. But Nely Galan is more than a celebrity face on a reality TV show. Through hard work and diligence (and yeah, that fearlessness helps, too), she’s earned the reputation of successful entrepreneur and the nickname “Ms. Mogul” to back it up.

Recently Reality TV Magazine caught up with the busy businesswoman to talk success, boldness, and yep, even a little Celeb Apprentice. Nely’s advice to women: Be your own boss.

Galan is best known for her work as a TV producer, her affiliation with the Telemundo Network, and as creator and executive producer of the show The Swan. But she’s quick to point out that she’s not just about TV.

“I really identify as an entrepreneur,” Galan says. “I’ve invested and worked in a lot of different things that people don’t know about. I know how to run a business – not just the TV business, but any business.”

Galan works as a real estate developer, as well as a health, wellness, and beauty expert, and is a fervent supporter of the women-centered charity Count Me In, a charity designed to take women entrepreneurs and turn them into millionaires.

“Nothing makes you happier than economic independence,” Galan says, adding that the charity’s goal of turningone million female entrepreneurs into millionaires gives her goosebumps and makes her “beyond happy.” Galan goes on to explain that she believes that a woman gaining financial independence by working for herself and not being reliant on a man is a way to achieve success in a relationship as well. “I love him more because I know I don’t have to be with him,” she explains. “I see a lot of women going backwards. I don’t get it.”

But, entrepreneur or not,one thing Galan definitely “gets” is TV –especially reality TV.

“I am the biggest fan of reality TV,” she says, “because life is stranger than fiction. Who wouldn’t want to do boot camp with Donald Trump? Who wouldn’t want to be in the Amazing Race if you could? We all want to do it. [Appearing on Celebrity Apprentice] turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Galan has a new daytime reality show in the mix. Called The New You, the show will stem off of work that began on The Swan. Galan says the best part of The Swan, for her, were the things that went on behind the scenes – things viewers didn’t get to see. But with daytime TV, Galan says, they’re able to show those things without having to worry about the ratings to the degree of primetime TV has to worry about ratings. The New You will hit airwaves sometime in late 2008 or early 2009.

Additionally, Galan is working on a movie, The Dirty Girls Social Club, which she describes as a Latina version of Waiting to Exhale.

But the sky’s the limit with Galan, and her future aspirations prove it. The Cuban-born single mother who confesses that part of her success is owed to the fact that her “entire life is within a quarter mile radius,” is working on a PhD in psychology, but says she can’t rule out the possibility that she may one day return to Cuba with political aspirations.

“I have real golden aspirations in other areas,” she says. “In an age where we could live to be 100, I can’t imagine one career being enough. I don’t understand people that say they’re bored.”

Check out the dish on Nely’s firing from Celebrity Apprentice right here at Reality TV Magazine.

Check back with Reality TV Magazine for news on Nely Galan, who hints that there may be a fun new project to announce some time within the next couple weeks.

Reality TV Magazine is your source of Celebrity Apprentice news. For other great reality TV news, please feel free to check out SirLinksALot: Celebrity Apprentice.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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