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BB 9: A Siren Blares, Couples Split With Allison Solely Evicted

March 05, 2008 08:36 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-allison-cast-photo-resized.jpgEviction night arrived with a siren having the houseguests concerned. Host Julie Chen promised a shocking twist that would rock the Big Brother house by the end of the episode.

Speculations about the siren were rampant. What could it possibly signal? Would the teams be split up to play as individuals? Would evicted players come back? It turns out that both of those predictions would become true, but only one from the siren. More on that later.

With the eviction looming, Allison said she didn’t think things were looking good for her and her partner Ryan. Ryan agreed and asked Matt if he was safe. Matt, who pulled himself off this week’s nomination block via the veto, confided in Ryan that he would be safe. But Matt told every nominee they were safe.

One houseguest realized what Matt was doing after two teams approached him. First, Allison went to James/Chelsia asking them to keep her and Ryan safe. She said that she truly believed that Matt/Natalie would keep her in the house because she saved them from eviction last week. Then Sheila told James the same thing saying that she was told Matt would keep her and Adam safe. To set the story straight, James called Matt out saying he doesn’t like how he is playing both nominated couples, telling them they would be fine. But Matt covered his own butt saying that it’s Big Brother. It’s a game.

Since the game has begun, Natalie/Matt have been a powerful team inside the house, but on the romantic end of things, it wasn’t working out. Their friends outside of the house got to weigh in on that potential relationship. Natalie’s coworkers said that her past boyfriends didn’t work out because she seems to let guys walk all over her and comes on strong by attaching herself quickly. Her friends felt that she should stop trying for Matt since it seems he’s more in it for the game. Flip to Matt’s buddy and he says exactly that – Matt eventually wants a serious relationship, but he’s there for the money.

After that filler segment, Chen said the siren would finally sound as the evicted couple reach the front door, which would be locked. Having already cast their votes to evict, a 2-0 vote to knock Allison and Ryan out of the game was announced. As the two grabbed their bags, Allison reached the door first trying to push it open, but she realized she couldn’t get out. Then the siren blared and excitement poured out of her and Ryan with the others surprised. Chen asked everybody to calm down and go grab a seat in the living room. “The game is about to change,” she said. “From this moment on, you are no longer couples.” In a predictable twist, the houseguests were now playing the game as individuals. The interesting dynamic here is that their previous partners were now their competitors.

But that wasn’t all. One of the two, either Allison or Ryan, was going to be the first individual player evicted. Chen told each houseguest they had to vote now. Each nominated player pled their case first with Allison sobbing all the way through hers. Not surprisingly, everybody voted for Allison with the exception of Joshuah and Sharon (they couldn’t vote since they were HOH). 6-0, Allison was ousted from the house twice in one night.

After her eviction, she said that she was surprised to be sitting outside the house alone. And also admitted that it was a mistake to make up the lie about being a lesbian with Sheila. “It was just a joke that turned into something,” she told Chen.

In the first individual HOH competition, the houseguests had to answer true or false questions pertaining to events that happened in the house. One question wrong and they were out of the game. The last player standing would claim the power. It came down to Ryan and Adam with Ryan winning the key to the HOH bedroom and the power for the week.

But that’s not all this episode provided. Right before it closed, Chen said that it was America’s turn to make a difference in the game. Each of the six evicted houseguests (Jacob, Jen, Parker, Amanda, Alex and now Allison) has been isolated since their elimination. Life would soon be restored for one of those players in the game after America votes who they want to have return. It wasn’t revealed when the player would re-enter the house, but it’s coming soon.

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