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Make Me A Supermodel: Brand Ambassadors

March 06, 2008 10:01 PM by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A SupermodelToday’s episode begins with a quick goodbye to Frankie. Sorry, but America thinks you are not supermodel material! The other models weren’t exactly sorry to see him go. Shannon spent a few minutes describing his laugh as “a cross between Fran Drescher and a dolphin in a blender,” before admitting, “It’ll be nice not having Frankie around all the time.”

Tyson shows up with an announcement. It’s host and judge Niki Taylor’s birthday, and there’s going to be a party. The models are told to dress to impress, since GQ magazine big shots will be in attendance. The boys huddle up to create a song, while Shannon and Holly make a big red cake.

Adam Rapoport of GQ is not impressed with the girls. “Have a little bit more flavor,” he says about them. “I should want to sleep with them.” Apparently, the guys have enough personality, even if they did embarrass themselves serenading Niki. Their song was a cappella, and it rhymed, and that’s about all that can be said about it. It’s a good thing this show is not “Make Me A Rock Star!”

This week is all about branding, and the photo assignment turns out to be a film assignment. Manu Boyer is going to make a video look book. “Casting will happen on the spot,” he advises, and some models may get left out. “Give it your best,” Tyson adds. “It’s serious now.”

Manu has the models act angry, jealous, and in love. Ronnie and Ben have a quick try at a tryst, but it doesn’t pan out. Holly and Ben are a hotter ticket. In a shocking first, the photographer is not in love with her performance. “Holly was really bad in the beginning,” he says. Shannon and Perry are assigned together, and although sparks fly briefly, there’s no real chemistry. Casey attempts to be… not awkward, but he doesn’t pull it off. The man seems uncomfortable, every time, everywhere and it’s just not working on film.

The models go home for some much needed rest, but they get an early wakeup call from judge Jennifer Starr. “I know it’s 7:30, but you’ve just been booked on a job. You have ten minutes.” The guys and girls manage to throw themselves together and head out for Bloomingdales.

Stephanie, the Bloomingdales rep, wants the models to have an informal showing for the ladies who lunch. She tells the models to know every detail about their clothes, including the price, and sell, sell, sell. Ben’s first outfit doesn’t suit him, and he’s sent off to change. He’s stiff in the second outfit, and has such a bad attitude Stephanie doesn’t even let him out on the floor. He seems pretty content to sit around the dressing room and pout, though. He hates the assignment, and doesn’t want to go out there and be like a used car salesman.

“Look at Casey flirting,” Stephanie says. “He’s remarkable.” She has to pull Perry aside and tell him to tone it down. He’s way over the top. She calls Ronnie “engaging” and has high praise for Shannon as well. Casey and Shannon are declared her favorites, but she says she’d be happy to hire everyone but Ben.

The Catwalk Assignment looks fun. The models are going to model two looks, with quick changes. They’re vintage elegance. “I tried to be debonair and walk out there with a purpose,” Ronnie says, but Niki thinks he looks like an English butler. Holly is breathtaking in a large white hat, and Shannon is gorgeous as usual. Ben’s still stiff, and his actions are a little weird, as he fumbles for his pocket watch but doesn’t bother to look at it.

During the runway recap, Ronnie’s asked about his walk. “His first walk?” Jennifer Starr says. “I thought it sucked.” Whoa! Don’t hold back, now! Holly gets high praise, and she’s the winner. Shannon is safe this week, as well.

Ben gets the brunt of the judges’ criticisms. “How can you be a model if you don’t want to sell clothes?” Jennifer asks. Niki adds, “If Tyson or myself had done that, our career would have been over. Bloomingdales would have written us off.” But it’s our turn to decide. Up for the vote are Ben, Casey, and Ronnie. Go to www.bravotv.com and vote for the one you think can be made into a supermodel.

Wait, there’s more! I know you’re dying to know about Perry and his wayward girlfriend, Amanda Pagel. If you recall, Perry’s previous phone calls to his girlfriend in LA have not gone so well. She hasn’t exactly kicked him to the curb, but it’s pretty obvious he’s not lighting her fire anymore. This week, there’s a message on the chalkboard for Perry to call Amanda. He’s pretty surprised, and races upstairs to touch base with his lady.

Amanda’s all business, and simply tells him, “There is a huge story about me blown up in the media.” Perry’s dumbfounded, and she continues, robotlike. “You will be affected by this. I want you to know it’s not true.” Perry presses her for more info, but she won’t stray from her script. Finally, he asks her a question from the heart. “Do you still want to be with me?” Amanda simply tells him “We’ll have to talk later.” She hangs up on him, and when he calls her again he gets the cold shoulder, voicemail style.

The story is, waitress Amanda has been seeing celeb photog Adnan Ghalib, who hasn’t actually gotten divorced from his wife yet. You might not recognize his name, but he is/was Britney Spears latest boy toy. It seems that Perry’s girlfriend broke the pop star and the paparazzo up, and the story hit the web in minutes. Amanda insists it’s not true, and a few tabloids are reporting that Brit and Adnan are still a couple. Let’s hope so, for Perry’s sake! Well, Perry, you might not be a supermodel yet, but now you are definitely living the lifestyle of an American celebrity.

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Photo courtesy Bravo TV.

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