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MTV Airs Three New Episodes of Made

March 06, 2008 04:01 PM by Jennifer_Brown

MTV Logo Courtesy MTVWhether it’s Pop Star, Figure Skater, or Wrestler, MTV’s Emmy-winning show, Made can make it a reality for regular people. On Saturday, March 8th, it’s doing it again, this time “making” a Rock Star, a Debater, and a Pro Wrestler.

Made chronicles the triumphs and pitfalls of young people as they’re matched up with mentors and coaches and are “made” into something they’ve always dreamed they could be.

Made: Rock Star (10:00 AM) — High school brainiac, Andrew Hisel, wants to participate in the school’s “Battle of the Bands,” but has never played an instrument before and has zero stage presence.

Made: Debater (11:00 AM) — In an episode that includes an international journey to Korea, cheerleader Aja Gerrity wants to ditch the ditzy persona and join in with the “smart kids,” by becoming a debater. First she’ll have to battle friends, hectic schedules, and stage fright to get there.

Made: Pro Wrestler (12:00 PM) — Motor City Machine Guns Alex Shelley and TNA Wrestling’s Chris Sabin team up to help self-proclaimed “choir queer,” Chris Hendricks go from picked on to power-puncher. Hendricks, whose sick of being the “weak gay kid” plans to show everyone that he, too, can hold his own in the wrestling ring.

Catch the three new episodes of Made on MTV, Saturday, March 8th.

Photo Courtesy: MTV

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One Response to “MTV Airs Three New Episodes of Made”

  1. brittanyhoward_09 Says:
    August 23rd, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    I want to Be Made! To A BeatBoxer!


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