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Survivor: Micronesia — Firefighter Joel Burned At Tribal Council

March 06, 2008 08:36 PM by Ryan Haidet

joel-survivor.jpgInjuries tear some down, a tribal swap mixes the game up and a vote knocks a giant out. It was a whirlwind episode tonight as this season continues to get more interesting.

The fans returned to camp with Jason upset that Chet, who he thought was the weakest link, was spared in the last Tribal Council. Instead, Joel switched up his plan and took out Mikey B. Jason was concerned that Airai (the fans) was going to keep losing and he didn’t really want to be on the tribe he was on anymore.

Over at Malakal (the favorites), Charlie the Chicken was on death row and about to be feasted on. They cooked him up and scarfed him down, but that was just an appetizer of all the goodies to come. On his first visit to Exile Island, Ozzy found the hidden immunity idol and created a fake one that he hid in the exact same spot the real one was found. Not keeping the idol a secret from everybody, he told the three in his alliance (James, Amanda and Parvati) that he had it in his possession. “We’re like the powerhouse right now,” Amanda said. He hid the prized idol in a cave at camp.

At the reward challenge, host Jeff Probst said, “Figure after 12 days of competing against each other, it’s time you got to know each other. Drop your buffs, we are switching tribes.” Each player had to draw a stone out of a bag. If they grabbed a colored one, they became a team captain for the schoolyard pick. Captains were Ozzy and the virtually unknown Natalie. Ozzy’s first pick was Troy – er, excuse me – Joel. Ozzy didn’t even know who he was picking! Natalie’s first pick was James. The final ones who weren’t chosen and got their tribe by being the last left were Eliza and Chet.

After all the picks were made, the new tribes were created. The new Malakal includes favorites Ozzy, Amanda, Cirie, Ami along with fans Joel, Erik, Tracy and Chet. The only person who seemed upset was Joel with the fact that Chet was on his team. The new Airai includes favorites James, Jonathan, Parvati, Eliza along with fans Natalie, Alexis, Jason and Kathy.

The chase was about to begin – literally. For this reward challenge pairs from each tribe were connected on a harness. Starting at opposite ends of a course, one pair was chasing the other trying to grab a flag off their competitors. Grab a flag, score a point; but if no flag was snagged, the team running away would score a point. The first tribe to three would take home a barbecue with steaks, sausages, veggies, spices and wine. To top it off, no Exile Island for anybody.

Round one was Erik and Ozzy chasing Kathy and Natalie. This was no contest as Ozzy quickly nabbed Kathy’s flag. Next up was Parvati and Eliza chasing Chet and Joel. Although Eliza was able to snatch Chet’s flag in time, Parvati ended up with a fat lip in the first of several injuries to come from this challenge. It was one to one. Next up was Ami and Amanda chasing Jason and James. This was much more of a chase until Jason sealed the deal by getting his harness wrapped around a tree and unable to escape. Ami easily grabbed his flag scoring a point for her team, but she sustained a knee injury. Round four brought Jonathan and Alexis chasing Cirie and Tracy. Alexis was able to grab Cirie’s flag, but Jonathan was bleeding after something punctured his leg. It was now two points each. The final round came down to Chet and Joel chasing after Parvati and Eliza. Joel was dragging his partner all over the course like a ragdoll knocking his head on the course. But it didn’t matter, Parvati and Eliza were able to avoid being captured and won the challenge.

Sitting on the ground after their loss and still hooked together a short, yet hilarious conversation took place. “I hit my head back there,” Chet told Joel. “I don’t care,” Joel responded. “I know,” said Chet. The stage was setting for an ironic battle between the two who worked together last week to oust Mikey B.

The new Malakal arrived at camp with Joel stewing over his continued losses questioning his move to get rid of Mikey B. instead of Chet at the previous Tribal Council. At least Erik was happy to be at Malakal camp saying that he loved his new team. “I got to meet Ozzy today,” he said. During a fishing outing with Erik, Ozzy and Joel, strategy talk of who would be the first target came up. Joel still saw the game as fans versus favorites and told Ozzy he thought they should switch it up. He would vote out Chet if they would take out Cirie next. They both seemed to agree.

At Airai, Kathy gave the four new members a mini tour of their crummy camp. Eliza thought it was a disaster and was a bit upset since she had everything back at her original Malakal. At least they had won a reward. But as they were cooking it up, the tide moved up and washed out their fire. “The set up and everything is terrible, the water is washing away the fire,” James said after this happened. “I’m amazed they’re still alive. Poor things. They should be dead. I mean, they’re a bunch of dingbats.” Jonathan’s injury from the reward challenge really knocked him down a peg. That night the Survivor medical team came to the camp to treat his wound and stitch him up. The concerns of an infection from the wound were mentioned, but everything seemed fine – at least for now (next week’s episode looks like infection talk returns).

Day 14 arrived with a motivated Airai tribe rebuilding camp with a new shelter. Back at Malakal Amanda discovered a shark was caught in their net and brought it back to camp, which impressed and attracted Ozzy even more that she was able to “wrestle” a four-foot shark. I think if she had wrestled it, they would have aired it. Dream on Ozzy. Anyway, they feasted.

At the immunity challenge, four members of each tribe had to alternate throwing rocks at ceramic tiles. Each tile broken would release a bundle of puzzle pieces. When all the bundles were knocked down, three players had to try and put the puzzle together. But the catch was that all the same colors had to touch edges. They had the help from a caller for the puzzle who was looking down from a platform. Malakal broke all four tiles first. Giving Chet and his puzzle makers a lead over Airai. After Jason finally broke Airai’s final tile, they started the puzzle and in a close battle, Eliza led her team to a comeback and victory over Malakal.

After the challenge, Malakal returned to camp with Joel upset yet again that he had lost and he told Erik that this game is for strong people. He thought it was finally time for Chet, who he called “A wet rag or a ball of goo” to go. He didn’t care about it being fans versus favorites anymore as he decided the weak needed to go. Joel then told Ozzy that the next few votes should go Chet, then Cirie then Tracy. Ozzy agreed. But after Erik asked Amanda and Cirie, Amanda seemed fine with ousting Chet, but Cirie didn’t. Erik’s strategy to knock out the weak players would have been fine with her, she said, if she wasn’t one of the weak ones. Once again, Cirie tried to change up the vote at the last minute as she had done with Yau-Man’s boot a few weeks ago. Chet, Tracy and Cirie thought that Joel was the reason they lost the immunity challenge because he didn’t even break a single tile. But they were only three. Cirie had to try and sway Ozzy on the idea that Joel was the one to go. She made a strong argument and Ozzy said it was a tossup moments before they arrived at Tribal Council.

At Tribal, Tracy said that if Joel would have communicated with Chet better at the reward challenge instead of dragging him along that they could have won. And good ol’ Probst who is always on top of things asked the proverbial question – is it still fans versus favorites or weak versus strong? The votes would determine that.

After the ballots were cast, Probst revealed that it was Joel who was sent packing with 6 votes for him, two for Chet. The person he saved last Tribal, became his target and outlasted him. That’s what makes this show so good. It’s unpredictable and anything can happen. Cirie, yet again, rolling the dice and switching things up.

After getting blindsided becoming the fifth person voted out, firefighter Joel Anderson said, “The tribe picked Chet over me. A little bit humiliating, insulting. Wow. I don’t understand why you would want to keep somebody like Chet. It’s just very confusing. I’m angry. I mean, I’d like to wring a couple people’s necks right now, but I’m stunned. I’m stunned.”

This season keeps getting better even though the subtitle “Fans Vs. Favorites” no longer seems necessary. Viewers were teased with snippets of next week’s episode with Jason finding Ozzy’s fake idol and another visit from a medic telling Jonathan that an infection could be potentially fatal.

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One Response to “Survivor: Micronesia — Firefighter Joel Burned At Tribal Council”

  1. polker Says:
    March 7th, 2008 at 5:11 am

    Now that the two biggest pains-Mikey B. and the lugm Joel, have been eliminated, this will get really interesting.
    The best season since Guatamala, my favs Eliza and Cerie, are really stepping up.
    Wonderful combination of weak players and strong! Love it!


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