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Celebrity Apprentice: Omarosa Suffers The Biggest Slaughter in Apprentice History!

March 06, 2008 09:38 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Omarosa-Courtesy-NBCPiers is puffed up over last week’s “good, powerful win” over Empresario.However, not everyone shares that sentiment. Trace, who’s beginning to show some anti-Piers tendencies himself, ruffles under Piers’ suggestion that Trace had stabbed Tito in the back last week instead of sending Omarosa home.

The Donald (silver tie) gathers the teams in his opulent apartment to introduce them to his wife Melania and toddler Barron (who is like a cute and cuddly mini-Donald,gurgling that he wants to be a “beezneezman” when he grows up…insert “Awww” here.). The Donald congratulates the teams on having raised $630,000 for charity so far this season, and tells them about their next task.

The teams will be taken to the Moti Hasson Gallery, where they will have the opportunity to choose an artist and then sell that artist’s work at a showing.

Empresario chooses Omarosa, who gripes that she lost this task the last time she played the game, as their Project Manager; Hydra chooses Piers, who’s itching to go head-to-head with his nemesis.

The teams meet with Moti Hasson to choose their artists. Empresario struggles, as Trace complains that most of the art looks like “a three-year old threw up on a canvas,” and Omarosa worries that Empresario won’t be able to scrape up contacts who can spend thousands on artwork. Stephen guesses that Piers will choose the most expensive artwork, so Empresario chooses some of the cheapest they can find, in hopes that they’ll be able to out-sell Hydra in quantity. What they don’t know is that Piers has instead chosen the artist who has the largest selection of work to sell — and at a hefty price tag to boot.

Soon everyone’s on the phone, Omarosa calling her meager supply of contacts and Stephen unable to multitask and learn about the art while at the same time calling in favors. Piers, however, has no problems when it comes to contacts. He even calls in famous chef-friend, Gordon Ramsay (of Hell’s Kitchen and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares). “I have no problem ringing up famous friends and asking them for money,” Piers says. Especially in this task, where he’s pitted against Omarosa, who, throughout this competition, has called Piers just about every name in the book. “This isn’t business,” he says. “This is personal.”

And speaking of personal…when the teams hit the gallery to set up their shows, Stephen seems to be hanging around Hydra’s side of the building a little too much, which aggravates Piers. Accusing Stephen of cheating, Piers tells him to stay out or take a beating. “Man, he’s really nuts,” Stephen says.

Hydra has a tough time of it at first, as Omarosa beats Lennox in patron-grabbing, but soon Piers turns on the old British charm and paintings start flying out of Team Hydra’s side. At one point, Hydra’s Carol steals one of Stephen’s contacts right out from under him and makes the sale (Ouch! That’s gotta hurt the pride, Stevie B!).

After the challenge, the teams file into the board room, andEmpresario knows before they even get in there that they’ve been stomped. The Donald (still silver tie) calls Hydra’s win “The Biggest Slaughter in the History of the Apprentice.”

Going in for the kill, Piers asks The Donald to fire both Omarosa and Stephen and, as Hydra leaves the room to celebrate their win, says to The Donald, “I’m going to enjoy this. Make it nasty, would you?”

With Hydra gone, Omarosa flounders, trying to find someone to pin the loss on. Talk turns to her grudge-match with Piers, and she asserts that she thinks Piers is “in the closet.” The Donald is miffed by the unfounded accusation and invites Piers to come back into the board room to defend himself.

Piers heads down to the board room, bursts through the doors, walks up to Trace, plants a big kiss on his cheek and calls him a “beautiful cowboy.” The whole place is cracking up, except Trace, who fails to find the hilarity in the matter. “I think that was a pretty good defense,” Donald laughs.

Omarosa stutters some more, but never puts up a good defense. “This was not close,” Donald says, and then fires Omarosa.

As she leaves,Donald turns to Donnie Jr. and says, “That was pretty easy to be honest. That one was obvious.”

In the taxi, Omarosa only has one thing to say: “No man is your friend. No man is your foe. But every man is your teacher.” She flashes a double peace at the camera and is gone.

Next on Celebrity Apprentice:

With Omarosa gone, Piers turns his sights back on old rival Stevie B.

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Photo Courtesy: NBC

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