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American Idol Contestants React To Not Making The Top Twelve

March 08, 2008 01:03 PM by Joe Reality

Danny Noriega

While making the top twelve on American Idol doesn’t guarantee a singer a record deal or a hugely successful career, it does guarantee that they will always be asked aren’t you that guy or girl from American Idol when they are out doing their grocery shopping. It also means that they will likely be able to find steady work whether it is singing in a local bar or appearing in low budget TV commercials.

If a contestant makes the top twelve, it also means they have a shot at making the top ten. The top ten on American Idol get to go on a Summer tour, which means real tour money and real experience performing in front of a large live audience. The four American Idol semifinalists who just barely missed making the top twelve recently spoke about their reactions to being eliminated

In regards to if she was surprised to be eliminated, Asia’h Epperson said, “You know, a little, but not really. I kind of had an idea I was going home.” Kady Malloy also wasn’t shocked by her elimination. Malloy said, “I’m not surprised. You know, I wanted to make it, but I have no hard feelings.”

Danny Noriega said, “I was semi-surprised. It was more like yes and no. I always go to the results not knowing what to expect, because they are so unpredictable, but you know, I definitely kind of had like a little bit of confidence, because you know you get all the fan mail and stuff from these kids and you think you’re doing something right for a second, and I definitely thought I was kind of doing good for a second, but you know it is what it is.”

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