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Danny Noriega Calls Video Controversy Sad

March 08, 2008 01:11 PM by Joe Reality


A video where Danny Noriega goes on a rant about Christmas stirred up quite a bit of controversy on the Internet. After Danny Noriega was eliminated from the American Idol 7 competition, he answered questions about the controversial video during a conference call with reporters.

When asked about the video, Noriega said, “That’s something that like is so like forever ago that I use to do that it’s almost like another person ago. That’s when I was younger, it was more like an acting thing. I use to do personalities and stuff like that. I’m actually kind of shocked that they used that one, there’s more interesting ones. But yeah, it’s more of like an acting show that I use to put on for YouTube and stuff.”

When asked how he felt about the press digging into contestant’s personal lives, Noriega elaborated, “It’s just really weird. Doing something as simple as making like an acting video like I did like that, which I did like so many moons ago, but you know something little like that, that was made for humor can be blown up out of proportion and can be kind of shown as your character, and it’s not the kind of person that I am, you know what I mean. I just think that it’s pretty sad that people will do that to just like tear down somebody’s success. We’re all trying to be something in life right now, and we don’t understand why people would try to like cut it down with negative things like that. I don’t know. It’s pretty sad to me.”

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