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Eliminated Idol Wants To Be Spokesperson For Gay Rights

March 08, 2008 08:22 PM by Joe Reality

Kady Malloy

The press has been buzzing about the sexuality of some of the American Idol 7 semifinalists. The story that David Hernandez was once a stripper at a club that catered to primarily male clientele has made headlines across America. If Hernandez is gay or not is unknown, because his Myspace profile states that he is straight. Because of a video on YouTube where Danny Noriega raps about being gay, themedia has also speculated about his sexuality.

During a recent press conference call, Noriega’s response to a question about the media buzz on his sexuality was, “I think your personal life and your job are two different things, and I think people should respect that and know the fine line between that, and privacy is really important, and I notice a lot of celebrities don’t get that, but you know, I think it has nothing to do with your job.”

Well, now an American Idol semifinalist has come out with the statement that they want to be a spokesperson for gay rights. However, it’s not one of the American Idol contestants that people might first suspect to have such a goal.

Kady Malloy is the recently eliminated American Idol semifinalistwho wants to be a spokesperson for gay rights. Malloy explained, “Well, my best friend is gay. Freddie Mercury was gay, who’s my idol. I just think that, you know, you shouldn’t define somebody by their sexuality, and I think that gay people not being able to get married and things like that is just like history repeating itself, and I think that we need to learn from our past.”

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