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BB9: Ryan Nominates Now Singles Chelsia And Sharon

March 09, 2008 06:45 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9_chelsia-resized.jpgIt’s been days since a glimpse of the Big Brother house has appeared on CBS. This hour showed the houseguests happy to be released from the couples twist, excitement that Allison was gone, the fact that Natalie can’t count or spell and two singles were nominated for eviction. It was a jam-packed hour even though the first nine minutes were commentary on recycled footage.

After the last eviction, everybody seemed happy Allison left the house – especially Joshuah. Sheila was the only one who seemed upset. She was distraught that Allison was gone since she was the only person she really trusted in the house. She now realized that she has nothing in common with the other girls. “I feel lost,” Sheila told her ex-partner Adam.

Since being split up from their couples and told they were playing the game as singles, almost everybody was happy to be unchained from their partners. Matt didn’t have to be teamed up with his “Chatty Nattie” any longer. But Natalie remains one of the most entertaining as we learn that she is not the brightest bulb in the house. First she couldn’t count the number of colors on the blocks in the guinea pig cage. Then she argued that there were 27 letters in the alphabet. “W, X, Y, AND, Z.” I never knew AND was the long-lost letter.

Feelings were mixed about several things in the house. Joshuah and Sharon were worried after Ryan had won Head Of Household since they had nominated him for eviction last week. Matt told Natalie, his ex-partner, that he didn’t want to share a bed with her anymore. Natalie, obviously still in love with him said in a confessional that he’s just using reverse psychology against her and that he really does like her. James and Chelsia were the only ones who seemed truly concerned about the couples being split up. James told Chelsia he still wanted to cuddle with her even though they were no longer playing the game as a team. Chelsia said that she didn’t think it was a good idea for anybody to be sleeping together at this point. But they both came to the agreement that they wanted one another to do well in the game. If they couldn’t win themselves, they said they wanted to see the other take the Big Brother 9 title.bb9-sharon-cast-photo-resized.jpg

As did in last season, religion entered the house. First Natalie was looking in the Bible comparing some of its contents to the game. Cut to Joshuah in the backyard praying for the game, his diet, a flatter stomach and stating that he would give 10 percent to the church if he won.

Ryan, the first single HOH, showed off his bedroom. Hanging on the wall was a picture of his girlfriend and former BB9 player, Jen. Would she make a return to the house after America votes one of the first evicted houseguests back into the game?

Then the strategy began. Matt apologized to Ryan for voting to evict him last week, bringing an alliance between the two. Before the strategy session was over, a “bros” alliance was made among Matt, Ryan, James and Adam.

The food competition began with the house separated into two teams. One at a time, a player from each team had to slide down into a pool of chocolate filled with letters. Each player then had to spell a food item correctly on a board. After ten minutes, the team with the most correctly spelled food items would win those foods for the week. The losing team would be forced to consume slop. After the competition finished, the close battle was won by the blue team (Matt, James, Natalie and Adam). They won foods like meats, cheeses, beer and yogurt by one word.

After the competition, Joshuah told Ryan that he would never put him up for eviction in return for the same promise. They shook hands on that. Then the four bros met up in the HOH room to discuss who to take out. Names were tossed around when James threw out the shocker – Chelsia. The person he cares about most he names to be evicted.

At the nomination ceremony, the keys were slowly pulled one by one as it was revealed that Ryan had put both Sharon and Chelsia up for eviction. Ryan said it wasn’t anything personal and a very difficult decision. The stage has been set for two strong competitors to fight for their right to stay. Will one win the veto and pull herself off of the nomination block? The next episode will reveal if either is victorious.

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