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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the Turner Family

March 09, 2008 07:16 PM by DA Southern

Home Edition and the Turner Family

The Turner family of West Virginia, who live in the smallest home that the Extreme team has ever experienced, were about to be the recipient of the Extreme Home Makeover team’s valiant seven day effort to build a new home for a deserving family.

Ty greeted us as he snowboarded down the slopes of West Virginia announcing that the Extreme team continued their 50 state mission to help a family in every state of the union. Ty welcomed designers Tanya McQueen, Didiayer, Ed Sanders and Eduardo Xol for this episode as he showed the application video en route to the Turner home.

When Angie and Richard Turner married in 2003, they transformed their family into a modern day “Brady Bunch” by blending two households; Angie, and her daughter Teresa, and sons Tyron and Desmond and Richard and his daughter, Layton, and cousin, Michael, into their home. In addition to dedicating their lives to their children, the Turners serve as positive role models for local youth, as they strive to keep children off the streets by coaching football, basketball and cheerleading, fundraising and mentoring inspired by their troubled past.

In addition to their own blended family, the Turners are also caretakers for mentally challenged adults in the area and hope to someday open up their own business to help the mentally challenged. But the Turner’s rotting home, which measures less than 600 square feet, is too small for this caring family of seven. The flooring is unstable, the kitchen cabinets are falling off and there isn’t even enough sleeping space for the whole family. Teresa and Layton share a bed, while Desmond, Tyron and Michael sleep on the floor. Ty was moved by the determination of the family and for their mission in the community and the designers agreed as they rolled to the Turner home.

Day 1 started early as Ty shouted in the megaphone for the Turners to come out to meet the designers. The family streamed out and looked relieved to see Ty and the gang. Ty announced that the family was off to Disney World in Orlando and asked Richard and Angie for a tour of the cramped domicile that the family had called home.

Ty spent only a few minutes going through the home because, well, it was only 600 square feet. Angie was sweet as she said she was blessed by the size of the home because the family had gotten a chance to become closer as a result of the limited space and that no one in the family ever complained.

Tanya made a trip to the kid’s room to see the space and found out that the older son, Desmond, loved football and was planning to attend West Virginia University when he graduated from High School. Didiayer was with Teresa and Layton as she looked at the cramped quarters of the teen girl’s room and discovered their love of fashion and Eduardo was with the younger boys, Tyron and Michael, and discovered their love of Pro football, but of different teams, the Chargers and the Steelers. With the themes set, the family was off to Orlando as Ty and the gang readied themselves for the busy week ahead by sending them off in a huge limo saying that the limo was bigger than the house.

Day 2 at 9:33 AM found the builders, Huffman Corporation, and the hundreds of volunteers marching down the lane to begin the week-long build. Ty immediately donned the video camera to show the quick demolition of the Turner home by West Virginia coal miners and actually destroyed the home with a cola miner scope, which was very cool.

Day 3 started at 10:24 with Ty coming out of an outhouse saying that he felt good. No,not because of that,but because the house was almost completely framed out and the roof was going on. Ed was showing us the modern entertainment piece he was building and Eduardo was tripping out a very cool study desk that he had incorporated a football theme into. Tonya was off eating a lot of cereal for the “Box Top for Education” program to raise money for the Turner’s school and sent out a massive amount of volunteers out to eat cereal as well.

Day 4 at 4:20 PM Didiayer was finally doing some work for Teresa and Layton’s fashion-themed bedroom and Tonya was working on the West Virginia University themed bedroom. Ty even got into the football spirit by going to a WVU football game and getting the team and the crowd involved by telling the family that WVU would be providing college scholarships for the kids when the time came.

Day 5 had Eduardo talking with us at 11:06 AM about the benefits of bamboo flooring and Ty was smashed into a space under the stairs to show us the additional space that would be used for storage, something the family had very little of in their cramped home before and Ed was off to Sears for the electronics for the home.

The West Virginia area was blanketed by a fresh winter snow as Tonya took the video camera to tell the vacationing Turner family that the community had raised over $10,000 in educational funds by collecting cereal box tops.

Day 6 started the cameras rolling for us at 1:32 PM and found Didiayer putting on some funky French-inspired wallpaper touches in the fashion room for the girls and we had our first glimpse at Ty’s secret project, something large, as he told us, and Ed was struggling with the installation of the entertainment center. Ed came out to announce the house ready for the furniture and the snowballs flew at the team by the volunteers as the furniture was ushered into the new home.

Day 7 ushered in a crisp West Virginia morning as the family arrived home and Ty greeted the thousands gathered for the arrival. The family was overwhelmed at the outpouring from the community they loved so much as Ty and the family shouted, “Bus driver, move that bus” so they could see their new home.

Ty introduced builder, Wayne Huffman, and Richard almost took him down with the enthusiasm that he displayed as Wayne humbly shared how much the experience had affected him as well. Ty then sent the family into the home and Richard collapsed in glee when he saw the beauty of the spacious home.

Ty was in to greet them and to point out some of the details of the home and then sent the family to see their individual spaces. First in were the girls, Teresa and Layton to their tricked-out fashion haven. Teresa said that the room was beyond what she expected and was amazed at the glamour of it all. Desmond was next into his WVU inspired room and loved the dorm room flavor that had been crafted into the design.

Tyron and Michael were blown away by the dual Steelers/Chargers room they now had to call their own and said they would never leave their room. Ty came in for the Ty-larious moment of the night as he put on a helmet and threw himself down over the bed and onto the floor as he played tackle with the boys.

Ty showed his special project to Richard and Angie, their Master bedroom with a huge canopy bed as Angie told him that she now feels like a queen with the closet space and an actual door that closed. In the final segment, Ty then told the family that not only had the team built the home, but that the community had come together and paid off the mortgage leaving Ty to say, “Welcome home, Turner family, welcome home.”

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Photo Courtesy of ABC.

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