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American Idol: Seacrest Goes Crazy And Grabs Chikezie

March 11, 2008 09:06 PM by Joe Reality

Seacrest Grabs Chikezie

Usually, when people talk about wild and crazy behavior on American Idol, Paula Abdul is involved. However, during the American Idol top twelve performance show, it appeared as if Ryan Seacrest must have taken a few swigs out of Paula Abdul’s Coca-Cola cup.

The night started normally enough with Ryan Seacrest offering Simon Cowell a bit of good advice and telling him to button-up his shirt. However, things took an unusual turn after Chikezie’s performance. Chikezie wowed the judges with a lively performance of “She’s A Woman.”

As Chikezie celebrated the positive reviews from the judges, Ryan Seacrest jumped around, punched his fist into the air and screamed, “Move around on the stage, feel it baby, feel it, work this stage, Chikezie.” Seacrest then grabbed Chikezie’s head and started rubbing it, while screaming, “Soaking wet, my man. Soaking wet.” An out-of-breath Seacrest could then barely get Chikezie’s phone number out, while he wiped the sweat from his hands.

After the Chikezie head grabbing incident, Ryan Seacrest continued to argue back and forth with Simon Cowell for the entire night. After Simon Cowell compared Jason Castro to “a student in a bedroom at midnight,” Ryan Seacrest told Cowell, “My advice to you is when the sun goes down, leave that student’s room. Get out.” Cowell then warned Seacrest, “Ryan, careful, just be careful.”

Before David Cook’s performance, Ryan Seacrest can be seen whispering something to Simon Cowell. While it wasn’t entirely clear what Seacrest was saying, Cowell coiled back and let out a shocked, “No, I would not.” After Kristy Lee Cook’s country version of “Eight Days A Week,” Seacrest accused Cowell of giving Kristy bad advice. After Cowell called Seacrest “obnoxious” and suggested turning it back over to the contestant, Seacrest said, “When you become host, you can work this out yourself. I’ll tell you what. I’ll build you the old set, and you can play host in your backyard.”

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