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American Idol Top Twelve: Beatles Bring Out The Best And The Worst In Finalists

March 11, 2008 07:17 PM by Joe Reality

David Cook Eleanor Rigby

To kick off the American Idol top twelve finalists performance show, Ryan Seacrest showed off the new American Idol stage. The new, flashy stage included a penthouse for the band and a mosh pit in front of the judges. After asking Simon Cowell to button up his shirt, Seacrest introduced the top twelve finalists. The theme for the show was the Lennon/McCartney Beatles songbook.

Syesha Mercado sang “Got To Get You Into My Life.” Randy Jackson said, “Nice arrangement of that Beatles song.” Paula Abdul said, “It started off-pitch, but midway through you found your zone.” Simon Cowell said, “I thought it was better than alright.”

Chikezie sang “She’s A Woman.” Randy Jackson said, “I was thoroughly entertained.” Paula Abdul said, “I’ve been waiting for this. The reward paid off, my dear.” Simon Cowell said, “I thought you were terrific.”

Ramiele Malubay sang “In My Life.” Randy Jackson said, “It was kind of pretty, but it was also kind of pretty boring for me.” Paula Abdul said, “It was pretty safe.” Simon Cowell said, “I was bored to tears throughout the entire song.”

Jason Castro played guitar and sang “If I Fell.” Randy Jackson said, “I liked it. I didn’t love it.” Paula Abdul said, “What is so special and unique about you is that I do feel your heart.” Simon Cowell said, “Last week, you were incredible. Tonight, if I’m being honest with you, it was all a little bit student in a bedroom at midnight.”

Carly Smithson sang “Come Together.” Randy Jackson said, “Stellar performance.” Paula Abdul said, “I felt like I was already watching a star.” Simon Cowell said, “Week after week so far, I think that you have chosen the wrong song, until now.”

David Cook sang “Eleanor Rigby.” Randy Jackson said, “You can definitely rock out on Idol.” Paula Abdul said, “I’ve been telling everyone that you’re the dark horse.” Simon Cowell said, “If this show remains a talent competition rather than a popularity competition, you actually could win this entire show.”

Brooke White played piano and sang “Let It Be.” Randy Jackson said, “You gave a very heartfelt performance.” Paula Abdul said, “This is your niche. It’s picking songs where we can feel your heart.” Simon Cowell said, “I thought, Brooke, again it was one of the best performances of the night.”

David Hernandez sang “I Saw Her Standing There.” Randy Jackson said, “For me, it was little too overdone.” Paula Abdul said, “I feel like you kind of overdid it a little bit.” Simon Cowell said, “David, no, no, no, I thought it was corny, verging on desperate to be honest with you.”

Amanda Overmyer sang “You Can’t Do That.” Randy Jackson said, “You took a Beatles song and you brought it to like a Southern club or Southern bar and rocked it out.” Paula Abdul said, “You are a star up there.” Simon Cowell said, “I didn’t think it was as good as last week actually, Amanda.”

Michael Johns sang “Across The Universe.” Randy Jackson said, “I don’t know if it was your best performance.” Paula Abdul said, “I thought that was a brilliant performance.” Simon Cowell said, “It was a little bit monotonous.”

Kristy Lee Cook sang “Eight Days A Week.” Randy Jackson said, “Half of me likes it. Half of me didn’t like it.” Paula Abdul said, “Kristy, I didn’t enjoy it.” Simon Cowell said, “Kristy, I thought it was horrendous, actually. You sounded like Dolly Parton on helium.”

David Archuleta sang “We Can Work It Out.” Randy Jackson said, “This week it was not on point.” Paula Abdul said, “This wasn’t your best week.” Simon Cowell said, “That was a mess. You stumbled over the lyrics in the beginning.”

The Beatles songs truly brought out both the best and the worst in the American Idol top twelve. Chikezie, Carly Smithson, David Cook, and Brook White delivered four of the best performances in the competition to date. Ramiele Malubay, David Hernandez, Kristy Lee Cook, and David Archuleta delivered four of the worst performances in the competition to date. The other four fell somewhere in between.

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