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Big Brother 9: Chelsia Wins Veto, James Nominated For Eviction

March 11, 2008 08:42 PM by Ryan Haidet

big-brother-9-james-courtesy-cbs1.jpgA new target, a plan to backdoor and a fun veto competition filled this hour of Big Brother.

After the nomination ceremony, Sharon and Chelsia were upset about being put up on the chopping block, but it seemed they both took it well saying they were there for the long haul and wouldn’t go down without a fight.

Then, Ryan told Joshuah that if the veto would be used that he would not put him up on the block. This may be the most unpredictable alliance in the house thus far.

James told Chelsia he had her back and pinky promised that she wouldn’t go home. He didn’t tell her about stabbing her in the back and promoting that she be put up for nomination, though. Ah, the two-faced strategies are starting to get interesting.

Matt continued to pick on his ex-partner Natalie and she was getting annoyed by it. This resulted in a reversal of the house as they started to target Matt if the veto was used. They approached Ryan, the Head Of Household, and asked him to back door Matt if the veto was used. Not taking much time, Natalie spilled the beans to Matt letting him in on Joshuah, Sharon, James and Sheila’s plot. So Matt went straight to Ryan and told him what was going on. Moments later, Joshuah approached Ryan with the plan Matt already told him about and promised the house would keep him safe for a guaranteed two weeks if he nominated Matt. The “bros” alliance seems to have fallen apart after a short stint.

bb9_chelsia-resized.jpgFor the veto competition, six players including the Head Of Household (Ryan), the two nominees (Sharon and Chelsia) along with three selected at random (Adam, Sheila, Joshuah) were to shoot an oversized game of pool in the backyard. In each round, one was eliminated for being the furthest from the center hole – the veto hole. But being eliminated wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since a prize was given to each loser. The catch? Anybody could trade for any previously won prize upon their elimination. First out was Sheila and her prize was the veto. Next out was Sharon, who won a motorcycle, but being a nominee for eviction, she gave the bike to Sheila in exchange for the veto. Joshuah was the next loser winning a letter from home, which he was thrilled about. Sheila’s ex-partner Adam was the next out and claimed a $10,000 prize. Saying he knew Sheila needed the money more, he swapped out the cash for her motorcycle. In the last round, Chelsia lost and won a slop pass. She traded that for the veto around Sharon’s neck. Ryan won the whole match. His prize? Jen’s red unitard to be worn for a week. Of course he switched this for the $10,000 Sheila had and now she was forced to wear the outfit. To say the least, she was not happy about it.

After the competition, James and Chelsia celebrated her win by making out while the others continued to campaign against Matt, still promising Ryan two weeks of safety in exchange for Matt’s nomination. But Sheila wasn’t comfortable with the plan against Matt. So she did her own strategizing and asked Ryan to spare Matt and nominate somebody else.

At the veto ceremony, Chelsia obviously pulled herself off the block, which forced Ryan to put somebody in her spot. The target for the entire episode was spared when James was named as the new nominee. This announcement was almost as shocking as the new nominee’s pink hair.

The next episode will bring on an eviction, and the evicted player America voted for to return to the house will start the game all over again.

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