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Biggest Loser: Ali and Mark are Back!

March 11, 2008 09:45 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Ali-Courtesy-NBCThe teams have barely had a chance to recover from last week’s elimination before they’re dragged back into the weigh-in room for a meeting with host Alison Sweeney. She explains to them that the game is about to change once again. A couple of doors open behind her, revealing all 14 previously-eliminated contestants, all eager for a shot at coming back.

The existing players aren’t so happy to see their loved ones come back. After playing down to the final 6, they’re back up to the final 8 again,making their hard-earned positions in the game precarious.

Alison immediately leads the 14 hopefuls to a weigh-in. The two players (one woman and one man) with the highest percentage of weight loss will be brought back into the game. Everyone’s lost weight and is looking great (Curtis has dropped 100 pounds, and Trent has lost 105!). But it’s Ali who comes back for the ladies and Mark beats out Bernie by 2 pounds for the guys’ spot. “I’m ready for it now,” Ali exclaims. “This is my second chance,” Mark says.

Bob walks into the house and is surprised to see Mark back. “You never know what to expect when you walk into the Biggest Loser house!” he says. It’s a celebration for Team Blue.

Meanwhile, over on the Black Team side, Jillian walks into tears and sadness. “I predict that it’s really going to affect the weigh-in,” she says of the girls’ loss of Bernie.

But when Jillian is greeted by Ali, she’s thrilled, hugging her and lavishing all kinds of attention on her in the gym. The other girls begin to feel ignored by Jillian and are unsure where Ali’s loyalty lies (she’s sure befriending the guys).

Later, the girls admit to Jillian that they’re struggling with food this week. She takes them to task about it, and Brittany breaks down. She feels so unsure, especially with Bernie gone, and is positive that none of the girls will make it to the final four now. “Having Ali back in the house has just brought havoc into my team,” Jillian complains.

It’s challenge time and the teams meet up with Alison, who is standing in front of a row of stationary bikes, each connected to a row of 10 light bulbs. The contestants will be racing to see who can light up their row of light bulbs the fastest by using energy expended on the bike. The winner will get an extra vote in the elimination room.

The guys knock out the girls with little trouble and soon it’s Blue on Blue. Dan and Mark gut it out, but in the end Dan wins that extra vote.

After a Last Chance workout, the teams are ushered to the scale for yet another weigh-in. As Alison interviews the players before the weigh-in, she gets a little too close to Brittany for Jillian’s comfort and Jillianblows up on Alison. “Have a #$%^ heart and leave the #$%^ girl alone!” she yells.

One by one the contestants weigh and, though Dan spends a scary few minutes in the position right above the yellow line (with a low 4-pound loss; although he, too, has now hit the 100-pound loss mark), it’s Brittany’s 2 and Maggie’s zero thatsecures them spotsunder the yellow line.

“What was I doing? I was working my $$%^& ass off is what I was doing! What the hell do I have to do?!” Maggie explodes on the scale.

The teams file out, the fate of their elimination hanging until next week.

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Photo Courtesy: NBC

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One Response to “Biggest Loser: Ali and Mark are Back!”

  1. dmblack Says:
    March 12th, 2008 at 7:19 am

    Jullian did go a little overboard, she might as well take Brit in the back room. The black team needs to stop whinning and just take care of business asthey’ve been whinning since the begining, enough is enough. Yes, the guys have more weight to lose but come on, look at how much the girls have to lose, just do it. Pink, you look great, rock on!! The blue team is awesome and I want them to take it over, it will however be tough in the long run as they vote each other off. If Dan plays it smart he should maybe vote Mark off but then maybe not. By the way I am female and that’s neither here or there it can be done by both genders.


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