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Big Brother 9: James Evicted Then Voted Back In?!?!

March 12, 2008 08:48 PM by Ryan Haidet

big-brother-9-james-courtesy-cbs2.jpgThis episode was filled with twists, the shortest ouster in Big Brother history and a major letdown for those who voted for an ousted player to return.

Day 35 arrived with eviction looming. After James was nominated to replace Chelsia (who removed herself from the chopping block) “all hell broke loose,” host Julie Chen said. It certainly didn’t seem that way based on the montage that followed.

Chelsia was livid that her ex-partner was targeted and not Matt. Joshuah and Ryan still remain in a solid alliance. Sharon, the other nominee for eviction, told Sheila about Matt trying to play her as he kissed her when she was Head Of Household last week. Of course Sheila went and told Natalie all about it. Natalie seemed visibly crushed that the person she has feelings for in the house continues to let her down. She went to Matt and called him out on the make-out session. Matt tried to cover his own tracks and once again, Natalie was forgiving.

But this eviction night wouldn’t be like one the houseguests were used to. America had voted for a week to bring back one of the first six ousted players. Each had been held in separate sequester houses. Jacob prayed a lot, Jen/Parker got along in their house, no surprise that Alex/Amanda were at odds as Allison, on her own, was exercising and ready to return to the game.

bb9-alex-cast-photo-resized.jpgThe ousted players were brought in front of the Big Brother house where Chen revealed that although America had voted for a definite winner, it wasn’t set in stone. There was a twist as well to this twist. The houseguests still in the game would each vote to either bring back the person they had just evicted (in the moments to come) or to bring in a “Mystery Houseguest,” the one America voted for – their identity kept a secret from the houseguests. “Will they vote back the devil they know or the devil they don’t?” Chen asked. After America’s vote, Parker came in second with Alex winning the chance to return to the game.

Then, the live eviction hit. From previously made votes, Chen revealed that by 5-1, James, the pink-haired bicyclist and gay porn star, was evicted from the game. Only Chelsia got up and walked him to the door as he picked up his bag and re-entered the “real world.” Once he got outside, the usual eviction interview took place where he was told that he may not be gone from the game for good. Cut inside the house where that alarm sounded yet again. The houseguests went right back to the living room ready to hear what was coming next. But speculation came first as they all made their guess as to what was about to happen.

As Chen revealed the returning-player twist, everybody’s jaw dropped. Chelsia was thrilled there was a chance that James could be coming back. But first, they all had to vote for who they wanted to have return to the game – a “Mystery Houseguest” or James, the person they had just canned. Ryan, Matt and Sheila put their choice with the “Mystery Houseguest” while the other five wanted James back. It was official, after the shortest ouster in the show’s history, James made a return to the house in the most ridiculous way possible.

During a commercial break, a giant, blue box was brought into the house and sat in the living room with the other houseguests surrounding it with the returning player inside. Then James jumped out when the word was given and said, “I’m back!” This is where CBS screwed up. Not only was the reveal incredibly corny, but they asked America to do something and the show didn’t deliver. Many voted all week long hoping their vote would bring somebody back. But all of that didn’t matter because it came down to eight houseguest votes versus potentially millions of viewers. Are they playing the game down in Florida? If so, can we call for a recount? Next time, America should just sit and watch things happen instead of trying to get involved. And what for Alex? He sat in a sequester house fighting with Amanda for weeks filled with false hopes of returning to the game. He was so excited to get America’s popular vote, but it didn’t matter. What a waste of time and a twist.

But this jam-packed episode wasn’t over yet. Outside, the HOH competition was set to begin with Ryan the only person not playing for the power since he had it last week. The task, a simple one. Each player had to go to a disco ball that was hanging from a chain connected to a scaffold platform. Above each disco ball was a small disc that they had to stand on. Then the platform rose and spun slowly around. The last person left standing on their disc would claim the power for the week. To annoy the contestants even more, “champagne,” a foam-like substance concocted for the challenge, was popped open and sprayed all over them. Endurance challenges definitely make for the best forms of Big Brother competition. Who will win the power? It won’t be revealed until Sunday night’s episode. Let’s just hope America doesn’t have to vote for who they want to win the challenge.

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