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Exclusive Interview with Here Come the Newlyweds Host Pat Bullard!

March 12, 2008 03:16 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Pat-Bullard-Courtesy-ABCWhen it comes to creating funny TV, not many are more versed than Here Come the Newlyweds host, Pat Bullard. Over the course of his career, Bullard has done it all – stand-up comedy, writing, editing, producing, and even acting. And now,hosting reality TV!

Bullard, who got his first taste of reality TV by hosting FOX’s Wedding Surprises, keeps contestants (and ABC audiences) giggling with his quick one-liners and one-of-the-guys style. This one-time writer of such hit scripted sitcoms as Roseanne and Reba reports that he’s perfectly content to be working on the unscripted side for now.

“It’s a genre now. Sitcoms are a genre, one-hour dramas are a genre – you have to face the fact that reality is a genre,and a good one,” Bullard told Reality TV Magazine in a recent exclusive interview. “The reason reality TV works is because there’s a story being told. You develop a character, you follow a journey, and there’s an end. It’s very, very good and it’s very, very entertaining. It is not going to go away.”

Bullard says he thinks he could host a serious and drama-packed reality show just as good as the next guy, but what drew him to Here Come the Newlyweds is the light, comedic tone of the show.

“We have to admit that there are some [reality shows] that just kind of make you cringe. You see the ugliest side of humanity. That’s not something I want to be part of. Here Comes the Newlyweds shows a good side of people and makes people laugh.”

While Bullard at first thought the idea behind Newlyweds wouldn’t be possible to pull off, he loved the idea and knew what he could bring to the table: a sensitive but funny role as host.

“I idolized Johnny Carson,” Bullard explains. “There’s nobody that compares today to Johnny Carson, other than David Letterman. What Johnny did, and what Johnny was so wise to do, is he listened to his guests. If the moment was right he made a joke, if the moment was wrong he didn’t make a joke. At the end of the day people inevitably said, ‘Did you see Johnny last night?’ That’s who they talked about because Johnny made people shine, and that’s how I approach hosting.”

But, Bullard admits, making this particular batch of contestants shine isn’t too hard. His appraisal of some of the Newlyweds contestants: “Barry [Woodward] is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. He laughed along with me. Dana Krashin is very witty and very quick on her feet, and so is Johnnie Moutra. Johnnie and Crystal are a perfect match. They balance so well. People liked [The Jacobis] so much. What an impact they made on the public in one episode! By the end – boy oh boy, I hated to send anyone home.”

But sending folks home is part of reality TV, and Bullard has his own style of doing that as well. Parting from the reality standard, where some hosts torment their contestants before announcing their elimination from a show, Bullard lets the contestants on his show go with as little mess as possible. “I suppose I have a dislike for false drama. I have a dislike for things that are not genuine. I see a lot of things on TV that are falsely drawn out. Let’s just rip that Bandaid off because somebody’s gotta go. Say goodbye and reflect on how much we liked them and let all the couples say goodbye to each other.”

Bullard, who once watched reality TV with a script-writer’s eye, trying to find “what’s wrong with” reality TV, admits that he’s now “hooked,” and cites The Biggest Loser as one of his favorites.

“Talk about some addictive TV,” he says. “Talk about a beginning, middle and end. I really enjoy that show.”

But his favorite, he says, is ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. “Not only do I like it,” he says, “I want to be on it!”

Sounds like a nice new addition to an already-impressive resume!

Catch Here Come the Newlyweds on Sundays at 10:00 PM (ET) on ABC.

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Photo Courtesy: ABC

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