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Celebrity Apprentice: “Stephen, You’re Fired!”

March 13, 2008 08:34 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Stephen_Baldwin_Courtesy_NBCPiers is beside himself, he’s so happy to see Omarosa gone. “It was like pitting a little rat against a very large dragon,” he says, cheering with his arms in the air. “I think her 15 minutes has just ended.”

Trace and Stephen enter the War Room, and right away Piers apologizes to Trace for kissing him. Lennox tries to lighten things up by making a “Brokeback Boardroom” joke, but Trace is annoyed by Piers who he sees as “going on and on and on” about his victory over Omarosa. Piers certainly doesn’t win any points with Trace when he begins making fun of country music, leading Stephen to remark that Piers is a “lost, arrogant individual.”

The Donald gathers the teams together and introduces them to Broadway producer Daryl Roth, who, along with Ivanka, will be his eyes and ears for this episode. Then he tells the teams that they will be creating and selling Quiznos sandwiches for today’s challenge. There will be no Rolodexes allowed, and the teams will only have two hours for preparation and two hours for selling; the sandwiches will be sold at $2 per sandwich, making this a true race of who can sell the most.

Trace, who has yet to win any money for his charity, steps up as Project Manager of Empresario. He decides that their sandwich will be the Prime Rib Cowboy Club.

Although Lennox is technically the Project Manager for Hydra on this task, Piers decides that their sandwich will be the Champ Sandwich. They meet with Quiznos and ask what is the shop’s most popular sandwich, then tweak it by changing only the cheese.

Both teams seem to have a bit of trouble getting the word out, as they have to wait for fliers to be printed and delivered. Thinking on his feet, Trace prints out a makeshift flier and heads down the street to make a few photocopies and he and Stephen begin handing those out early. After Hydra’s fliers arrive, Piers struggles with what he calls “spectacularly rude” New Yorkers, who won’t take his flier.

Lennox and Trace both work the crowds, bringing in customers in droves. Empresario sells so many sandwiches they run out and have to make more. Lennox calls himself the “ultimate marketing machine,” as fans scramble to get pictures and autographs from him.

With the task complete, the teams head into the boardroom for a little grilling from The Donald (red tie). Both teams feel confident, but both know that in this task where it’s not who you know, it really could go either way. “We worked as hard as we possibly could,” Trace says, but in the end it was not hard enough and Team Hydra wins again (That’ll be another $20,000 for Lennox’s charity, the Muhammad Ali Center).

Upstairs, Hydra celebrates making it to the final four. Carol says she feels “vindicated” by being the last woman standing and by virtue of having beat out so many men.

In the board room, however, it’s not a celebration. Trace steps up and takes the blame for the lost task. “I made every call today,” he says. “I don’t think there was anything else that [Stephen] could’ve done.” Likewise, Stephen has nothing negative to say about Trace. Instead, the pair comment on how bad Empresario’s had it since day one. Stephen calls it “a sinking ship,” while Trace more bluntly calls the team “a disease.” What’s more, they all — including The Donald — hate the name Empresario!

The Donald hems and haws quite a bit over this one, trying to give Trace every opportunity to come up with a reason to get rid of Stephen. Finally, Ivanka lands on a good one, saying that she believes Trace has the ability to raise more money in the long run than does Stephen. That seems to help The Donald make up his mind.

“I just feel that Trace has more to offer. Stephen, you’re fired!”

Leaving the Board Room, Stephen reflects that he lacks the cutthroat instincts that it takes to win The Apprentice.

Trace joins Hydra in the Board Room to cheers, but he’s not looking happy, saying he’d fully intended to take the bullet on this one. But he doesn’t get a chance to put on his party mojo before The Donald sends for the final four to join him in the Board Room immediately.

“Congratulations,” he tells the team once they’re assembled around the table again. “You’re the chosen four people. But before the night’s over, two more of you will be fired.”

Next on Celebrity Apprentice:

Two more celebs are canned.

The eliminated contestants come back to help the final two.

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