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High School Reunion; Bullys, Backstabbers and Millionaires, Oh My!

March 13, 2008 07:46 AM by DA Southern

High School Reunion Mike and Lana Confront Their DemonsI didn’t know what to expect when I first learned about High School Reunion on TV Land but, I was surprised, to say the least.

I don’t know why. What a better way to have instant drama; put a bunch of different types of people together who already have a history, add preconceived notions, a pinch of maturity and what do you get? That is what we will be exploring at the Hawaiian retreat with the JJ Pierce High School Class of ’87 from Richardson, TX in TV Land’s, High School Reunion.

In the first episode we got a chance to meet the first bunch of classmates; Matt the Jock, Mike the Rebel, Lana the Drama Queen, DeAnna the popular girl, Rob the stud, Justin the pipsqueak, Kat the lesbian, Jason the bully, Yvette the girl next door, Cheryl the outsider and Kirstin the spoiled girl, as they get reacquainted with each other.

We pick up this week where we left off at the end of the first episode with the gang reminiscing about the ’80′s and Yvette accepting a “Hall Pass” date with Matt, the former jock who had lost his wife to kidney disease 6 months ago. Matt was nervous because he had not even attempted to date since losing his wife and was unsure how to deal with Yvette.

Matt and Yvette arrived at their date location around 8:27 in the evening for dinner at the beautiful Westin Hotel in Maui. Yvette was telling Matt how much she admired him for keeping in contact with friends from High School and how she hoped that their kids could be friends as well. You could see Matt’s awkwardness as he explained that he still struggled with letting his guard down around women.

Back at the retreat house, those crazy kids from the ’80′s were discussing when they lost their virginity and, of course, Lana and Mike were at odds once again when Lana informed the group that she had lost her virginity to her first boyfriend, which was not Mike. Rob, the stud, was really attracted to Kat, the lesbian, especially since he found out that she was bi-curious.

Back at the date, Matt and Yvette seemed to be adapting to each other fairly easily and Matt really seemed to start to open up to her as he realized that he may be ready to move on.

Reunion Day 3 found changes ahead for our intrepid bunch as Mike and Lana immediately started in on each other early in the AM. The newly discovered, Detention Pass, did not help matters any when Lana was informed that she was the first recipient of what we are sure will be very unpleasant disruptions in their day as they would have an hour to discuss an issue with someone in the house.

Lana was visibly upset at the prospect of having to spend any “alone” time with Mike as we saw Mike get his detention pass as well. Back in the kitchen, Kirstin was telling Kat about the on-again, off-again relationship she had been having with a former classmate, Sean, for the past ten years. Kirstin told Kat that they were engaged but she broke it off because she was unsure as to the future with him,which means he will probably show up soon.

At detention, Mike showed up to lovingly greet Lana,OK, not so much,as we find out that Lana slept with Mike’s best friend, Steve, which means he will be showing up later, as well. Mike and Lana were fairly civil to each other for the first time in the show as Lana told Mike that she was married. Lana asked Mike not to hate her as Mike explained that it had been a year and a half since she had slept with Mike’s ex-best friend.

Poor Mike. It seems like someone really had it out for him on this show with the ex-wife and the ex-best friend both showing up as we hear the Phil Collins song, Another Day in Paradise, playing in the background. The two seemed to reach a civil discord as the detention ended and they headed back to the house.

Early afternoon found Yvette chatting up the date with Matt with DeAnna and Mike talking about the detention as Jason announced that new arrivals were on the way. Jason was thinking that there were no computer nerds in the group so that must be who was coming into the house and DeAnna was laughing as the guys seemed to be “defending their territory” and said that they had all kind of bonded and that new arrivals would upset the mood of the house.

Matt was thinking that the worse scenario would be to have Steve come into the house because of what he did to Mike and you could tell that there was not going to be peace on earth with any new arrival. A dramatic entrance on a motorcycle had the entire reunion gang wondering who was behind the mysterious helmet as we had our first glimpse at Sean the millionaire. Sean was indeed the nerd who became successful in the software business and wanted to come to the reunion to see if he could work on the issues with Kirstin.

Everybody warmly greeted Sean as he adapted to the group and it was funny as you saw the High School demeanor immediately overtake Sean, not like that hasn’t happened to the rest of us.

Kat got a “Hall Pass” and was informed that she was to take a man to the beach. Kat immediately picked Rob and Rob was honored to “represent the male species”, whatever that meant. A funny conversation between Justin and Rob had Justin wondering who had been with more women and if Rob could kiss her, and, of course, a bet was placed.

Kirstin showed Sean around and Jason received a detention to resolve issues with a former classmate who Jason told us that there were many. Mike said that could be half the school as Jason laughed and Justin said that he could see that Jason had changed but should face his demons.

Kat and Rob were frolicking on the beach when Rob asked why she picked him. Kat said that she seemed to have the best banter with him and was shocked that she was with a guy at all. Kat flattered Rob as Rob painted Kat’s thigh and the two seemed to be having a decent time on the beach as Rob schemed to kiss Kat. Wait, isn’t that a candy bar? He did, by the way.

Detention started for Jason as he waited at a gas station for his prior victim as we had our first introduction to Glenn, the high school geek. Glenn explained that Jason had beat on him at a convenience store once and Jason didn’t even remember it. Jason apologized as Glenn said that he had withdrawn from many of the High School events because of the incident. Glenn was shocked that Jason didn’t even recall the incident and wondered how the rest of the house would treat him.

Rob and Kat returned back to the house and Kat informed us that she was glad that she went out with a guy but was sure she was still a lesbian. Way to represent the species, Rob! A car delivering, “can’t get over it” Glenn, and “now mellow” Jason returned to the house to intro Glenn and a true “silence that you could hear crickets chirping” moment occurred as Jason introduced Glenn to the rest of the gang.

Glenn’s preconceived notions about what may or may not have happened so far at the house hampered his ability to enjoy the moment as everybody warmly greeted him and Jason was visibly upset that his actions may have hampered Glenn’s development in life.

Another new arrival was forecasted and Sean was greeted with his own Hall Pass so he could ignite his relationship with Kirstin, which she gladly accepted. Kirstin was glad to have the moments with Sean as she wanted another chance to prove to him that she could be trusted. The guys were all invited on a fishing trip, sans Glenn, to give the guys a chance to bond even further so as to make it even more difficult for Steve, I mean, the new house guest to fit in.

The new arrival, Steve the backstabber, drove up to set up the drama with the rest of the house and as Steve exited the car and we trailed off to the credits, we knew that there was going to be trouble “up thar in them there hills.”

Next week, we will have fun watching the fireworks as the reunion gets interesting and you can trust that RealityTVMagazine.com will keep you in the know.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for High School Reunion news. For other great Reality TV news, please feel free to check out SirLinksALot: High School Reunion.

Photo Courtesy of TV Land.

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