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Make Me a Supermodel Goes Goth.

March 13, 2008 08:46 PM by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A SupermodelAmerica surprised the judges this week on Make Me a Supermodel. Cory Bautista even tells the models that he thinks America made a mistake as it is revealed that Casey will be heading home. Did anyone really think Ben was going anywhere?

Old business aside, the fun starts right away. The contestants are going to live a supermodel lifestyle, and fly to New Orleans for the photo assignment. Ben’s excited, as the Big Easy is his hometown. Tyson also tells the models about a change in the voting procedure. From now on, only two models will be up for the vote.

The models hop off to their rooms to get ready, but Tyson pulls Perry aside. It’s time to show him the tabloid story about his wayward girlfriend, Amanda Pagel. Perry’s shocked. “Is that my house?” According to the story, Britney Spears‘ paparazzi boyfriend has spent five nights in a row at Perry’s house with Perry’s girl.

Tyson tries to give him a pep talk. “This would make any normal man crumble,” he tells Perry. “A supermodel, though? This ain’t nothing.” Perry is not impressed, and Tyson continues. “If this is true, then the best revenge is success.”

“If this is true, then it’s the worst news I’ve ever had in my life,” Perry says. I think he believes the rag mag. He leaves the room shouting, “Whore!”

The models make it to New Orleans and the accommodations are luxurious – and missing a bed. There are two queens for three men. Ben and Perry insist on sleeping together, leaving Perry to his own devices. The competition is getting stiff, though, and Ronnie isn’t as loyal to Ben as he seemed in the beginning. “I’ve got my voodoo doll here, so Perry and Ben, you’re going home!” Ronnie says as he stabs his little doll.

The photo shoot takes place in the iconic Lafayette cemetery, and the theme is Drop Dead Gorgeous. The models will be making Goth look beautiful and using a live crow for a prop. The crow takes a shine to Ben, trying to peck out his eyes and pooping on his shoulder. Photographer Christopher Micaud doesn’t have any complaints. “Ben was strong. I got some good shots of him.”

Shannon and Ronnie have a tougher time. Christopher puts Shannon in a variety of poses but can’t seem to get the shot he likes. Ronnie feels that Shannon is riding on the coattails of her previous success, and notes she has never been in the bottom three. Has her time come?

After their shoot, the models dine at Arnaud’s and stroll down Bourbon Street for a night on the town. Finally, we see a softer side of Perry. He refuses to eat the turtle soup, out of respect for his faithful pet, Clark the Turtle. “Perry wouldn’t try it, the old wussy-head,” Holly laughs. She mocks him throughout the meal.

Ronnie takes time to tell the guys that the girls have got to go. Okay, Ronnie, you want to win. We get it! Stop being so mean.

Everyone does stop being mean to each other and the contestants come together to work with Habitat for Humanity, rebuilding a home for Cherie LeBlanc, a woman who lost her house to Hurricane Katrina. Holly gets worked up. “I really get emotional about people who are less fortunate than I am,” she says. Niki decides Cherie needs a housewarming present, and sends Shannon and Perry to pick something up. They decide on a recliner without any backbiting or arguing. Charity really is good for the soul!

Back at the New York loft, however, everyone reverts to their backbiting selves. “I feel like he only has one look,” Holly sniffs about Ronnie. Shannon agrees, calling him “a Ken doll dressed as a vampire.” Perry’s the only one not indulging in vicious gossip. He can’t – he’s all alone, since his roommates were both sent home.

Having celebrated the attitude and style of New Orleans, Niki tells the models to choreograph a dark story for the runway and act it out. Shannon immediately takes over, declaring herself the high priestess of the bit and making the guys her henchmen. Holly is brilliant as the intended victim, but Perry gets a little cheesy with the props. The judges aren’t very impressed with most of the models.

They decide that Ben and Holly were the best, and seemed genuinely charmed by Holly’s performance. She’s declared the winner. After some debate, Perry is off the hook as well. Now it’s our turn to vote! Who do you think can be made into a supermodel? Choose either Shannon or Ronnie at www.bravotv.com.

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Photo courtesy Bravo TV.

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