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Survivor: Micronesia — Jonathan Removed For Injury, Chet Voted Out!

March 13, 2008 07:44 PM by Ryan Haidet

jonathan-survivor.jpgNight 14 with the new Malakal back at camp after Tribal Council, Erik was shocked that Joel had been voted out and realized that the fans were hardcore players who were willing to do anything to twist the game up. Duh. That’s why they are back to play the game again.

Day 15 kicked off with Chet and Tracy coming to the realization that they had lost their numbers in the Fans Vs Favorites aspect of the game after they booted Joel. They were outnumbered by the favorites on Malakal 4-3. They wanted to try and sway one of them to come to their side.

Over at the Airai camp, Jonathan was still in pain after his leg was jabbed with a sharp stick in the previous reward challenge. He said he was feeling better, but he felt the healing process of his injury, which the medical team came in and stitched up, was going slower than he wanted.

At the reward challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that each tribe would have 10 minutes to swim out into the ocean grabbing bundles of wood, bring them back to a wooden tunnel where they would try to block it up with the bundled stuff. After the 10 minutes expired, their task was simple – they had to break through the other tribe’s barricaded tunnel. First through and on their finish mat would win the reward. The victors would be visited by two local Micronesians at their camp who would teach them how to fish and live off the land better.

Jonathan stayed in the battle despite his hurt leg in hopes he could help lead Airai to the win. After the blockading time was over, Malakal took an easy lead, but that was short lived and Airai cleared their tunnel first. Probst said that before they went back to camp, two had to be chosen for Exile Island. Airai chose Chet and then agreed to send Jason, one of their own. It was also said that medical wanted to look at Jonathan’s injury again when they got back to camp before the locals arrived for their reward.

Sitting in a wooded area, Jonathan’s medic was looking over the freshly stitched wound. “It’s not going to be a quick fix,” she said. An infection had formed and it had her worried. “An infection that goes into your bloodstream is potentially fatal. , It’s not going to get better, it will just get worse.” With that, the medic suggested that Jonathan leave the game for the sake of his leg and his life. In the blink of an eye, the master strategist was knocked out of the game against his will so he could be treated at the hospital. Both Jonathan and his team were brought to tears about his removal. “I don’t want to be out of the game, but I don’t want to lose my leg,” he said on the boat ride that was taking him away.

After Jonathan’s departure, it wasn’t long before the locals arrived at Aira beach. Edwin and Joe had shown up, as promised, to help them with everything on the island. The first question out of the flirtatious Parvati to one of the special guests? “Are you married?” He quickly responded with a short, “Yes.” They went fishing and learned how to set coconut traps for crab. Upon nightfall, they went out to those traps to see some crabs had gone straight to there. They snatched them up and made a seafood stew.

Back at Malakal, Amanda said she felt the four favorites were the only ones working in the reward challenge and said the three fans needed to step it up. Cirie said that it is a hard enough game to play it on your own, but trying to teach the newbies how to play only made it more difficult – and she didn’t want to have to teach. But not every favorite agreed. Ami didn’t trust Cirie since Yau-Man’s ouster and was ready to change up her game. She approached the fans and said she would be on their side to take Cirie out.

At Exile Island, the two fans, Chet and Jason sat in the water talking when Chet revealed that he felt he was getting an infection in his foot after he stepped on a piece of coral. And since he thought Ozzy had probably already found the hidden immunity idol, he wasn’t going to search for it. Jason, on the other hand, thought he should go out and scavenge. Taken on the path of multiple clues that many before him had been, Jason arrived at the final spot where Ozzy had placed a fake immunity idol – a stick with an amateurish carving. Jason, the naive fan bought the faux idol hook, line and sinker. It didn’t even look convincing, but Jason truly believed he held the key to safety.

At the immunity challenge, Malakal was shocked to see Jonathan was gone from the game. Probst said that he arrived at the hospital, went into surgery and was doing fine. Then he asked Chet and Jason about the idol search at Exile Island. In an attempt to throw off his competition, Jason responded saying that he believed Ozzy had already found the idol, which was truly the case. This is going to play out great. Jason really thinks he’s holding the real idol and Probst promised in a conference call interview before this season began that the idol plays a major role. After the short banter, the tribes were set to battle in a recycled challenge from the Cook Islands season – one that both Ozzy and Parvati had done before. Using two small stepping platforms, each tribe had to transport two membersfrom one major platform to another in the ocean. The final task, get all seven members on a platform that was built to hold five with both feet on or above it. This was no contest as Airai only used one stepping platform. Then Eliza and Parvati, one at a time, squatted down and balanced themselves as the others carried the single player across the water. They both got across first and went to the final platform. Slowly piling on, Jason was the last to raise his foot above the platform bringing Airai to yet another victory.

chet-survivor.jpgAfter the challenge, Malakal returned to camp preparing to go to Tribal Council to vote out one of their own. Chet asked for the group to vote him out because he thought he was getting an infection in his foot. Most didn’t seem like they wanted to argue with the player who was the target at the last several Tribal Councils. Ozzy thought it was time for him to go. But Tracy, Erik and Ami had a different plan. They wanted to convince Chet to help them get the upper hand gaining some numbers and taking out a power player – Ozzy. They wanted Chet to be their fourth vote to blindside Ozzy.

At Tribal Council Ozzy said he knew he was safe since it was decided that Chet was going home. The votes were cast and Probst revealed that Chet had been booted.

After getting voted off, pharmacist and beauty pageant coach Chet Welch said, “I decided at the end not to go with Tracy and Erik’s plan to blindside Ozzy. I just felt that’s something they can take care of after I’m gone. I’m very proud of the way I played the game. I may be going out now, but I lasted a lot longer than some people thought I would. I am so honored to be part of the Survivor family forever. It’s been a great experience and thank you again.”

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