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Jim Carrey Advises American Idol Stripper To Not Get On The Internet

March 14, 2008 04:01 AM by Joe Reality

Jim Carrey American Idol

Last week, Luke Menard and Danny Noriega talked about how they avoided the Internet while on American Idol. This week, it was David Hernandez’s turn to talk about avoiding the Internet.

According to Hernandez, all of the contestants were like one big happy family and came together in the face of controversy. Hernandez explained, “You know, I remember one instance when we were upstairs in the red room, and they all huddled around me, and they just gave me like a big hug, and they were like ‘don’t you get on the Internet and we’re going to keep the TV off and we’re not going to worry about any of that stuff.’ I mean it’s really like a family, all twelve of us. It was sad to leave.”

In addition to his fellow Idol finalists, a major celebrity also gave David Hernandez advice about staying off the Internet. According to Hernandez, Jim Carrey told him, “Stay off the TV, don’t get on the Internet.” Hernandez said that Carrey was just awesome, and he was surprised that most of the celebrities the Idol finalists meet are just really good people.

Hernandez also revealed that Jim Carrey watched the show. Hernandez said, “He definitely did. He watches the show for sure, because he would say specific things to us, and he said that specific thing to me with everything that had gone on. He definitely [does], yeah, and a lot of people do.”

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