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Big Brother 9: James Nominates Ryan & Sheila For Eviction!

March 16, 2008 06:31 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-ryan-resized-cast-photo.jpgHe had been evicted just moments before. Now James, the pink-haired player was back playing for the power of Head Of Household after he was voted back into the game. It was revealed that three of the eight players didn’t vote for James to return, but for Alex (America’s choice).

The HOH competition was a simple endurance challenge. Whoever could stand the longest on a hanging platform that spun around would win HOH. Adam was out first at 15 minutes. Joshuah fell shortly after. Matt fell third as “Chatty Natty” annoyed everybody with her nonstop talk. The challenge left plenty of time for talk, and Sheila came clean immediately to James admitting that she didn’t vote for him. The other two votes not for James to return came from Ryan and Matt. But Matt lied to James about his vote. Sheila fell next.

Matt and Ryan were sitting on pins and needles watching the competition play out as they realized Natalie had to win the contest for them to be safe from the block. It was Natalie versus James, Sharon and Chelisa. Not for long, however, because 2 hours 31 minutes in, Sharon was out. Just after the 3 hour mark, Chelsia fell leaving the two most crucial players (Natalie and James). At 3 hours 58 minutes, James offered Natalie a deal – he would fall off if she would nominate Ryan. She thought this sounded great, but Ryan was livid. He sat on the side and yelled at Natalie not to take the deal. And she was strong-armed into hanging on even longer.

More time passed and Natalie started to feel sick. She was gagging and seemed like she had enough – this is where James offered another deal. If she would drop out, he would keep her and Matt safe. She agreed, and after 4 hours and 26 minutes, James went from having his bag packed and out the door, to winning HOH.

bb9-sheila-resized-cast-photo.jpgEverybody was extremely impressed with Natalie’s efforts in the competition – even her ex-partner, Matt. He gave her the long-awaited massage she had been asking for since the game began. But strategy was on Matt’s mind as he rubbed her back, saying that he had to convince James that he voted to bring him back in the house.

Joshuah was bugged by the fact that one vote for the “Mystery Houseguest” went unclaimed. Everybody knew Ryan and Sheila had voted against James, but nobody could figure out the third vote (Matt’s). So Joshuah was on a mission – to find out the owner of the mystery vote. He concluded that it was either from Matt or Adam. Adam immediately became defensive and went to James and told him that he had supported him in the return vote (which he had). Matt continued to lie about his vote.

Nominations loomed and James knew he wanted to put Ryan up on the chopping block, but wasn’t sure who to put up against him. At the Nomination Ceremony, key by key, the safe players were revealed until two remained. James had nominated Ryan for backdooring him the previous eviction and Sheila for going back on her word. From out of the game, to controlling everything. How interesting this game plays out.

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