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Extreme Home Makeover is Soul’d Out!

March 16, 2008 06:47 PM by DA Southern

Soul'd OutTy Pennington and designers Eduardo Xol, Tanya McQueen, Rib Hillis and John Littlefield head to Silver Springs, Nevada to warm up and help a motorcycle pastor doing God’s work.

Ty gathered the Extreme gang to see the application video from the Boettcher family and found out that Steve Boettcher is not your average minister; he spreads the word with his motorcycle.

Steve discovered while riding with friends and meeting many different characters and fellow bikers along the way, that his fellow bikers responded to his preaching when it came from “one of their own.” So Steve left the confines of a traditional church behind to start “Soul’d Out Ministries,” which organizes charity rides for Multiple Sclerosis, holiday toy drives, etc., and focuses on riders on both sides of the law (cops, probation officers and riding clubs such as the Hell’s Angels).

While Steve works as a garage door installer by day, his wife, Mary, works as a prevention strategist for a non-profit organization that goes into schools to teach kids the dangers of drugs and alcohol. In her work she saw that teenagers in their community were averaging three deaths a year to alcohol and suicide, and with teens of their own, Steve and Mary decided to take matters into their own hands.

The Boettchers have turned their two-car garage into a community center where teens can go for help and to stay out of trouble. The center has grown into a safe haven for kids where they can play pool, ping-pong and pray. Once a week, the Boettchers feed anywhere from 25 to 40 kids looking for a hot meal. This effort, funded 100% by Steve and Mary, has resulted in many success stories and kids from all backgrounds now hang out at “Pastor Steve’s.” Steve and Mary also help their daughter, Stephanie, and her son, Joshua, who was born with a series of medical problems that require the use of a treach and oxygen and hope that he will then be able to come off the treach and oxygen soon after a life-changing surgery.

Ty and the gang rolled up to the Boettcher home around 8:12 AM on Day 1 so that Ty could yell at them with his super-sized megaphone. The Boettcher’s rolled out of the tiny trailer and, after Ty told them they were headed to Hawaii, he went inside to see the home with Steve and Mary while Stephanie and baby Joshua talked with the designers.

Ty was amazed at the amount of good that Steve and Mary were doing out of the tiny trailer by feeding so many kids in the community and how cramped the trailer was for the family. The designers, Rib and John, were seen talking to Stephanie and were shocked at how she had to manage the massive amount of medical equipment needed for Joshua’s care and how it was crowded into the trailer.

Ty went out to the makeshift community center with Steve and Mary to see what the conditions were like and found a very inadequate space that was used to minister to the local kids of the community and Ty discussed the vision for helping kids in the future with Steve and Mary. Ty sent the family off on vacation and summoned God for help. Well, God never actually showed up, but he did send a bunch of volunteers and builders to assist.

Day 2 found Ty greeting local builder West Haven Development Group and the hundreds of volunteers and workers as the seven day quest began for the Boettcher build that would encompass two buildings for the family. Ty manned the video camera to show the quick demo of the former home and to introduce the builders to the family and to introduce a special group of demo experts, Bikers, who seemed to relish the destruction of the home.

The morning of Day 3 arrived and the designers were freezing. OK, so forget about what I said about them warming up. Designer Eduardo Xol was saying that they were already behind in the build as the cold was affecting the concrete pouring schedule and that they needed to catch up and fast. Rib was working on an Irish inspired room for Stephanie and John was doing something with frogs for Joshua’s room.

Eduardo, wanting to escape the cold building process, went to a tattoo parlor to have the local tattoo artist tattoo designs on leather panels for the headboard for Steve and Mary’s bed.

Day 3 quickly spilled over to Day 4 as we picked up the action at 9:56 AM with Rib explaining the layout for the suite for the baby and Stephanie. Tanya made her first appearance in a temporary recreation room that the crew had set up as she served dinners to the kids who were helped by the Boettcher family and explained that they were going to have a new facility in a matter of days.

Ty-larity ensued as we had our Ty-laroius moment of the show when Ty walked into the “Bar USA” lounge, a hang-out for Bikers, for inspiration for the recreation room and we experienced the classic “chirping crickets” moment, literally, as the sounds were provided to us by ABC. Everybody stopped to look at this clean-cut guy as he tried to explain why he was there and immediately he got pummeled by the Bikers. Well, maybe not so much, but the Bikers did manage to “Bike” him up a bit with fake tattoos and a little beard. It was actually very freaky looking.

Day 5 rushed at us at 10:24 AM as Eduardo explained something about the roof, something about solar tubes catching the sun. Whatever! Rib was finishing up on his Irish Castle motif for Stephanie’s room and John was doing a dragon fly mobile for Joshua. Maybe not the greatest idea to fly a sick baby from a flying mobile, but what do I know.

Eduardo was hard at work on the massive headboard for the bed for Steve and Mary, Ty kicked Tonya out of his secret project and Rib was still fooling around in the castle room as the crew and volunteers were finishing up the house for the arrival of the furniture.

Day 7 arrived as Ty greeted the assembled masses as the family drove up to the assemble crowd. Steve gave a huge bear-hug to Ty immediately as the “Move that bus” proclamation was given, causing another bear-hug from Steve to Ty after he saw the house. Ty sent them into the home and big Steve threw himself on the massive leather couch to feel the comfort, I guess.

Ty burst in and pointed out the details of the house, and especially the kitchen that Mary would be able to feed all of the kids the family ministered to. Ty sent them to see their rooms and first in to their new space was Steve and Mary. Steve was impressed with the tattooed leather headboard and Mary loved the details and craftsmanship of their new room.

Stephanie was blown away at the Irish Castle styling of her suite and said that it was like she had her own apartment. The nursery for Joshua turned out to be pretty cool and colorful for baby Joshua and Ty had John come in and tell Stephanie about all of the additional features that would assist Stephanie in caring for the sick baby. John told Stephanie about the help from CVS Pharmacy for Joshua’s care and that CVS had given Stephanie a scholarship to college, as well.

Ty then took the family out to the new facility for the kids, Ty’s secret project, the “Soul’d Out” recreation room filled with lots of space, games and, more importantly, heat. Ty brought in all of the kids from the community who the Boettcher family helped to finish up the episode and Ty gave the final, “Welcome, home, Boettcher family, welcome home” as Ty and the gang played games in the new recreational facility.

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Photo Courtesy of ABC.

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