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RTV Predicts…Our Writers’ Predictions About the Week Ahead!

March 17, 2008 08:49 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Ali-Courtesy-NBCWhether you love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure about it: reality TV gets people talking. That’s part of the fun of watching the shows â⬔ discussing the episodes of the past week and predicting what will happen in the week ahead. Another sure thing about reality TV: Our writers are watching. And we’re talking. And, yes, we’re predicting. We’ve asked our writers to make their predictions about the week ahead for your favorite shows (and ours, too!). Here’s what they said:

Joe, on American Idol:

After last week, where the American Idol boys came out on top,the American Idol girls will bounce back and will outshine the boys on the American Idol 7 top eleven finalists performance show.

Despite the girls’ success this week, a girl will be the next American Idol finalist to be eliminated.

Ryan Seacrest will have a change of heart and will apologize for all the rude comments he made to Simon Cowell last week. Ryan Seacrest will acknowledge Simon Cowell’s wisdom and will promise to never again question Cowell’s critique of a contestant. Just kidding, that’s not going to happen.

Jen, on American Idol:

Jason Castro will sit on astooland sing while playing an acoustic guitar. Simon will upgradeJason’s performance from “student in a bedroom at midnight” to “student in a coffee bar at about 9:45 PM.”

Ryan will make fun of Simon’s shirt and/or chest hair. Paula will laugh and clap her hands over her head at the comment.

David Archuleta (still my favorite) will bring it this week, overcoming last week’s lyric stumble.

Amanda Overmyer will be out.

Jen, on The Bachelor:

This week is the season premiere of The Bachelor: London Calling! It will take me precisely47 minutes to stop fawning over his accent long enough to assess anything else about him and the show.

One contestant will fall in love with him immediately and fall into a wine-induced crying jag when she’s sent home. One contestant will find him boorish and unattractive and comment to nearly everyone in the room that she doesn’t want him, but will stay in the game for the travel.

Jen, on Biggest Loser:

My, my, my! This show has gotten G-O-O-OOOO-D now! Jillianlosing her cool at theweigh-in? Eliminated contestants coming back? Bullying jocks? And a show that BEGINS with an elimination?! How could you not watch this show?!

This week we’ll say goodbye to Brittany, but it’ll be fine because Brittany is ready to go, emotionally, and will continue her weight loss at home just fine. But Maggie, Ali, and Kelly will rally together and handle those guys just fine.

Jen, on Celebrity Apprentice:

Ouch! We left the boardroom last week with The Donald about to send two more celebs home, whittling the show down to the final two.

My prediction is that Piers and Trace will be the final two. Piers will pull out all stops to take Trace down, and there will be more emotional outbreaks as Omarosa and Stephen band together to help take Piers out of the game.

Can’t watch the shows? Check back with Reality TV Magazine throughout the week for recaps of all of the above!

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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