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The Bachelor: Guitars, Clarinets, and (Ewww!) Used Panties!

March 17, 2008 09:41 PM by Jennifer_Brown

The-Bachelor-Courtesy-Adam-Larkey-ABCOkay, girls, get your purrrr going, because tonight’s season premiere of The Bachelor: London Calling brought us the yummiest Bachelor in the history of the show (sorry, Dr. Travis, you’ll have to settle for second now…).

He’s Matt Grant, he’s a Londoner, a 6’5″investment banker, the youngest of five brothers, and a star athlete to boot. What’s even better, he wants to find his true love and get started on a family…and he’s wanting to doit with a “strong, independent, outgoing, and exciting” American girl.

Matt pulls up on a rainy night in a black sports car and joins host Chris Harrison for afiresidemeet-and-greet. We learn thatMatt finds it “really hard to meet someone who is really genuine,” and that he has been in love, but the timing on that relationship wasn’t right. We also learn that he’s becoming a believer in fate andthinks that he’ll meet Mrs. Right-ee-o righthere on The Bachelor.

Chris escorts Matt outside where limo after limo pulls up,spilling out scads of gorgeous sparklingsingle women, all of whombegin fawningimmediately over his accent.

After he’s met the troops, Matt walks into themansionand the women immediately clamber around him, ready to wow him with their maddating skillz (and hopefully get a shot at that First Impression Rose while they’re at it).

Chelsea right awayimpresses him by challenging him to an arm-wrestling match (he loses…but between you and me…and, well, okay, everyone else…he threwthe match tomake her look good). Not to be one-upped, Carri wows Matt by taking a bite out of the side of a soda can (wait…am I watching American Gladiators by accident?!). Oddly, Matt finds this charming, as well. Likewise, he’s charmed by Ashlee, who grabs a guitar and sings a song she wrote for him and Michelle P., who shows off her clarinet-playing prowess.

But Matt isconsiderably less-than-impressed with Stacey, who drinks a little too much and, after smack-talking with Erin H., tries to overshadow Erin’s time with Matt by sitting close and playing with his leg. She butts into Matt’s and Erin’s convo, telling them they’re “boring”(I’ve often found that insulting a guyI want to date will make him mad with passion for me…), and makes Matt chuckle piteously when she comes across as clueless.

Later, when Matt’s trying to get in some quality time with Erin S., Stacey tries to get his attention again, this time by busting in and stuffing a pair of undies into his waistband. “I’m sorry, but that was not cool,” Matt says, holding the undies up for the camera. Later, Stacey is found sleeping it off on an unused bed.

Despite the circus around him, Matt manages to form some instant attractions to a few of the girls. Shayne (did she say her dad is Lorenzo Lamas?!) grabs his eye right away, as do Robin and Amanda (who he gives the First Impression Rose). With Amanda, he says, he “feels something special.”

But the reverie must end, and we get down to the business of the Rose Ceremony. Matt must send 10 girls home right away, offering only 15 a rose tonight. Here’s who got the roses:

Amanda (First Impression Rose)



Michelle P.




Erin S.







Erin H.

There are tears as the jilted women leave. Devon says, “It sucks to be rejected on the first night,” while Stacey proclaims, “There is something wrong with this boy!”

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Photo Courtesy: Adam Larkey/ABC

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