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Big Brother 9: James Wins Veto, Matt Nominated For Eviction!

March 18, 2008 08:49 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-matt-cast-photo-resized2.jpgAfter James returned to the house and won the Head Of Household competition, he went from being evicted to holding all the power. He nominated Ryan and Sheila for eviction based on their previous actions. Matt couldn’t have been more relieved that he was spared after Natalie hung on for him in the HOH competition. In doing so, James promised to not target either her or Matt for the week. She had saved her ex-partner. Matt was so impressed and questioned if he could ever turn against her.

Sheila, the newest nominee for eviction went to Adam, her ex-partner, and apologized to him for anything she may have done in the game that was mean to him. It appeared genuine, but who wouldn’t say something like that when they’re facing elimination?

The last few days the house has been abuzz since James was re-voted into the house. Three houseguests didn’t vote for him to return. Sheila and Ryan had admitted to the house they voted for the “Mystery Houseguest.” It was assumed to either be Adam or Matt who voted against James. Matt, the owner of that mystery vote, denied it entirely with only one other person knowing the truth – Natalie. She was working to cover that vote for Matt and she unconvincingly attempted to with Sharon – but she saw right through it. Sharon could tell that Natalie was lying to her and was now convinced that Matt was the one responsible for that third vote.

Before the Power Of Veto competition, Joshuah discovered three blocks in the hamster cage: P-O-V. Sheila was studying the cage in case this had something to do with the competition and could possibly help her out. When she was done there, she went to bed stressed out and crying. Outside, most of the house was talking about what a paranoid nutcase Sheila is and concocted a plan later that night to wake her up saying the veto competition was right then. They all ran to her room and told her it was time for the game. She sluggishly got out of bed, put on her red leotard and went outside to learn there was no competition. Surprisingly, she took their joke well.

At the real veto competition the next morning, six players competed: The two nominees (Ryan and Sheila), the HOH (James) and three others at random selection (Matt, Chelsia and Joshuah). Outside had been set up like a giant hamster cage. The task was to transport 500 blocks, two at a time, across a series of balance beams from one container to another. The first to do so would win the Power Of Veto. But, fall off or drop a block and they would be eliminated. Matt fell off early followed by Ryan. Sheila had the strategy of taking her time, because if she was the last standing, she would win regardless if all the blocks were moved or not. That didn’t work for long since she dropped a block and was out of the game next. Not long after, Chelsia bit the dust, leaving Joshuah and James. After successfully moving all 500 blocks, James, the HOH, won the contest. He now had every power possible for the week – he could keep the nominations intact or he could backdoor another player.

Sheila was going around the house asking for loyalty votes. She was extremely upset that it seemed she was alone in the house. Natalie told her that if the nominations would remain the same that it would be a difficult decision for her on who she would vote out. Paranoia was setting in and she didn’t even think Adam had her back.

bb9-ryan-resized-cast-photo.jpgThe mystery vote came up again. James was now out to get the truth on who was the third player who didn’t vote for him to return to the game. He called Adam up to the HOH bedroom and asked him about it. Adam aggressively defended himself (and he’s the truthful one in this situation), but James didn’t buy it. He thought the attitude was a signal that Adam was lying. After this meeting, James went and told Chelsia that he was using the veto to pull off Sheila and place Adam on the chopping block. James wanted to tell Sharon about it since she would be their extra vote needed to get him out of the house. But Sharon knew Adam was telling the truth and told James she was positive the third vote came from Matt. She knew Natalie was lying to her.

At the veto meeting, James used his Power Of Veto and pulled Sheila off the block. She was moved to tears. After talking to Sharon, he was obviously convinced Matt was lying to him, so he placed him on the nomination couch next to Ryan. Although he had promised in the HOH competition not to target Matt or Natalie, he said he had to do it to break up the twosome.

Who will be the next evicted? Find out on a special time Wednesday night at 9 PM immediately following an episode of Survivor: Micronesia on a special night.

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