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Celebrity Apprentice: Dusting off The Backstreet Boys…

March 18, 2008 08:34 AM by Jennifer_Brown

The-Boardroom-Courtesy-NBCThis week we can expect drama right out of the gate as the final four celebs fight for a spot in the final two. CNBC’s Jim Cramer and Erin Burnett join The Donald in the boardroom to grill the celebrities and make the decision who will go home immediately.

The next morning the final two will be given their final challenge: handling a charity auction and concert with The Backstreet Boys. Each finalist will be in charge of a different aspect of the challenge, and will be given a bevy of eliminated Celebrity Apprentices to help them out. One finalist will struggle with the demands of The Backstreet Boys, while another will struggle with a friendwho fizzles under the pressure.

Who will take the spot as the final two? And who will win Celebrity Apprentice?

Trace Adkins — This guy’s been the “dark horse” of the competition — quiet and sans-dramatic outbursts, but with a creative streak thatcan take out his competition. With a final challenge of putting on a concert (something Trace might know a thing or two about), and a second-chance in last week’s boardroom the likes of which fans have rarely seen, I find it highly doubtful that The Donald will cut him loose.

Lennox Lewis — Okay, Lennox has got to be one of the most likable celebs this season. He’s laid-back (is he awake?!) and sweet, but not exactly bursting with ideas and creativity. The Donald will likely declare Lennox as having ridden Piers’ coattails to the finals and will give him the axe.

Carol Alt — Fiery, smart, and gorgeous, this one’s got a competitive streak to be reckoned with. But The Donald is likely to point out that she’s been in the boardroom multiple times and, had it not been for her moving over to Hydra, she’d likely have been in more times. The Donald will cut Carol loose, too.

Piers Morgan — This guy is sharp. Forked-tongued, but sharp. Make no mistake about it, Piers has his eye on the ultimate prize and he absolutely intends to grab it. Will his “diarrhea of the mouth” bring him down? Possibly, but doubtful. Piers knows how to get the job done and will pull out all stops to get there. My prediction is that Piers will take the top spot.

The Donald’s eyes and ears for the concert event will be Ivanka and Donnie Jr., and there will be a guest appearance by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York.

Catch Celebrity Apprentice on Thursdays at 9:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

The season finale of The Apprentice will air on Thursday, March 27th at 9:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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