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Dancing With the Stars: Kristi, Priscilla, and Marlee Bring It!

March 18, 2008 07:36 PM by Jennifer_Brown


It’s the girls’ turn to show what they’ve got during tonight’s live Dancing with the Stars performance – part two of the season premiere. We start with a quick recap of last night’s show, from Mario’s amazing moves to Adam Carolla’s sad ones, reminding us that nine points separate the top from the bottom of the guys’ list. Len says the guys gave great performances last night, but warns that he’s feeling grumpy tonight so the girls will have to really bring out the wow in order to impress him.

Shannon “Idon’t want to miss out on anything in life” Elizabeth& Derek Hough are first up. Derek worries because in the past beautiful girls have tended to be sent home early, and knows that he and Shannon will have to bring it. They get into the studio and find that Shannon’s biggest challenge is wearing high heels.

They dance the cha-cha-cha. Len calls it “a great start to the evening,” but warns Shannon that she needs to work on making sure her legs look perfect if she’s going to wear short dresses. Bruno calls her a “sexy minx.” Carrie Ann likes her energy. They score a 21.

Monica “Thisis my chance of going to the Prom” Seles& Jonathan Roberts are next. In the studio they discover that Monica will struggle most with gracefulness.

Their first dance, a foxtrot, gets a less-than-stellar review from Bruno, who tells her she must work on her core. Len thinks she’s elegant, but also agrees with Bruno. This dance grabs a 15.

Marissa “There’snothing more beautiful and nothing more sexy than ballroom dance” Jaret Winokur& Tony Dovolani are next in line. Marissa worries that she’s too short (although she makes no apologies for her physique). Her biggest challenge is going to be finding a way to contain her energy.

Marissa and Tony dance a high-energy cha-cha-cha and get a standing ovation from the audience. Carrie Ann says she was overwhelmed with Marissa’s energy but underwhelmed by the dance itself. Bruno, too, thinks the dance was not so cha-cha-cha-ish. Len says he was bewitched by the performance but bothered that Tony didn’t give Marissa more to do. Their dance scores an 18.

Next up are Priscilla”Itjust feels good to be back” Presley& Louis van Amstel. Louis is intimidated by Priscilla, but the soft-spoken Priscilla is the one who is “nervous and stressed and scared.”

They dance the foxtrot (and yes, that was a death spiral in there). Len says calls it “beautiful” and “fluid” and says they “did a great, great job.” Bruno calls the dance “smokin’ hot!” and says Priscilla has star quality. Carrie Ann says Priscilla proved that age is just a number. And speaking of numbers, the dance scores a 24!

Kristi “Ihave always loved entertaining” Yamaguchi& Mark Ballas. Kristi worries that Apolo set the bar high for figure skaters and also feels out of her comfort zone because in figure skating, she’s flat-footed and doesn’t have to worry about heels.

Kristi & Mark dance the foxtrot. Bruno exclaims, “Absolutely wicked!…One of the best performances I’ve ever seen!” Carrie Ann says the dance looked effortless. Len calls Kristi “really talented.” Their dance earns them a 27!

Last to hit the floor are Marlee “Justbecause you’re deaf doesn’t mean you can’t dance,I hope” Matlin& Fabian Sanchez. Marlee thinks her deafness is a plus, since she uses her body to communicate every day. Fabian has to act as both dance partner and music for Marlee.

They dance the cha-cha-cha and the guys give them a standing ovation. Carrie Ann calls the dance “almost unbelievable.” Len says the performance was “amazing.” Bruno says the music is running through Marlee’s blood, and the trio gives the dancers a 22.

Monday all 12 stars will dance again, and Tuesday The Jonas Brothers will give a special performance, plus two contenders will be eliminated.

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Photo Courtesy: Bob D’Amico/ABC

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