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Second American Idol Beatles Night Proves To Be A Disaster

March 18, 2008 07:18 PM by Joe Reality

Syesha Mercado Yesterday

At the beginning of the American Idol top eleven performance show, Ryan Seacrest said, “Tonight, by popular demand, the number one show in the country celebrates the number one band of all time. We’re back with The Beatles.” However, after the subpar performances on the second Beatles night, popular demand might dictate that there never be another Beatles night on American Idol.

To kick off the show, Amanda Overmyer sang “Back In the U.S.S.R.” Randy Jackson said, “For me, I’ve got to give you a seven out of ten for that one.” Paula Abdul said, “I love you, and I think that you’re going to continue going up.” Simon Cowell said, “It was predictable. It was a bit of a mess in parts.”

Kristy Lee Cook sang “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.” Randy Jackson said, “It felt a little boring and really safe.” Paula Abdul said, “It was a little safe.” Simon Cowell said, “It’s like musical wallpaper in so much as you notice it, but you can’t remember it.” When Ryan Seacrest joined Kristy Lee Cook on stage, she pointed at Simon Cowell and said, “I can blow you out of your socks and you know it.”

David Archuleta sang “The Long And Winding Road.” Randy Jackson said, “David Archuleta has brought the hotness back to his game tonight.” Paula Abdul said, “This is probably for me the most exciting and wonderful performance.” Simon Cowell said, “David, last week was a complete mess. This week, I thought you were amazing.”

Michael Johns sang “A Day In The Life.” Randy Jackson said, “It wasn’t one of your best performances.” Paula Abdul said, “I don’t know if it’s because you guys are working with monitors in your ears right now, and a lot of you may not be used to it. It’s something that takes a lot of getting used to, and I know that you’re just experiencing that.” Simon Cowell said, “The long and short of it was it was a mess.” When Ryan Seacrest joined Michael Johns on stage, Seacrest pointed out that Michael Johns actually wasn’t wearing ear monitors.

Brooke White sang “Here Comes The Sun.” Randy Jackson said, “You were never really connected to that song for me.” Paula Abdul said, “You can’t help but smile when you watch you and when you listen to you sing.” Simon Cowell said, “I thought the performance was terrible from the horrible dancing to the absolute lack of conviction.”

David Cook sang “Day Tripper.” Randy Jackson said, “It’s another solid look for David Cook.” Paula Abdul said, “You’re ready to go sell records.” Simon Cowell said, “I don’t think that was as good as you thought it was actually.”

Carly Smithson sang “Blackbird.” Randy Jackson said, “Another great performance for Carly Smithson.” Paula Abdul said, “You have an amazing tone to your voice.” Simon Cowell said, “I thought the song was indulgent.”

Jason Castro sang “Michelle.” Randy Jackson said, “I don’t know if I really, really got it.” Paula Abdul said, “I feel like you get a little disconnected when you’re away from your guitar.” Simon Cowell said, “This is a very weird show tonight, and I’m not sure it was such a good idea doing Beatles again.”

Syesha Mercado sang “Yesterday.” Randy Jackson said, “In my estimation, very, very, very good performance tonight.” Paula Abdul said, “I have to tell you that vulnerability is really where you need to be.” Simon Cowell said, “I thought that was probably your best performance so far.”

Chikezie sang “I’ve Just Seen A Face.” Randy Jackson said, “There were some good parts for me, and some bad parts for me.” Paula Abdul said, “You did it again. Two weeks, I love it.” Simon Cowell said, “I thought it started off ok, and then you played the harmonica, which was literally atrocious.”

Ramiele Malubay sang “I Should Have Known Better.” Randy Jackson said, “I wasn’t jumping up and down, but I liked it.” Paula Abdul said, “Definitely better than last week.” Simon Cowell said, “It sounded like Chikezie was on harmonica.”

Who will be the second American Idol 7 finalist to go home? Syesha Mercado gave the best performance of the night. David Archuleta redeemed himself from last week. David Cook, Jason Castro, and Chikezie proved to be entertaining, even if they weren’t as good as last week. Brooke White, Amanda Overmyer, and Carly Smithson probably did enough to survive. Kristy Lee Cook is likely the best bet to be going home next, but it could also be either Michael Johns or Ramiele Malubay.

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