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The Biggest Loser: Brittany Goes Home…

March 18, 2008 09:47 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Brittany-Courtesy-NBCTonight’s episode begins with an elimination. The teams gather in the Elimination Room around Alison, who quickly gets them down to the business of voting someone out. Maggie and Brittany are on the block tonight, and Dan, who won last week’s bicycle challenge, gets two votes. It basically comes down to who is the bigger threat, and Maggie is quickly voted out.“I had a really good time here,” she says. There are no tears or hugs as she leaves the house. “I don’t ever want to be morbidly obese again,” she says.

We catch up with Maggie today, who has lost a total of 66 pounds, but has gained tons of confidence and says she feels great. “I’m not the fat girl anymore,” she brags.

The remaining contestants gather back in the house, some in tears, some introspective, but all, according to Dan, “out for blood.”

The teams meet up with Alison at Macy’s, where they’re faced with their next challenge — a catwalk. For this challenge, Alison tells them, “I’m bringing in the Big Gunn…” In walks Project Runway’s fashion guru, Tim Gunn, who takes each of the contestants shopping, giving them fashion advice and helping them find the perfect look for their big show. After a walk-through with each, Tim chooses an outfit for the contestants and unveils the outfits one by one. Ali cries when she sees the dress he’s chosen for her. Mark laughs. Roger whispers, “Wow…it looks like it won’t fit, though…” Dan is cocky about how he’s planning to rock his look (big shock there). Tim then surprises the contestants by telling them that Macy’s has not only agreed to give them the outfit, but also to give each of them a $1,000 gift card.

It’s off to the salon for the contestants, who get their hair cut and colored and (for the girls) make-up done. The guys opt for some really different looks — Jay and Roger shave, and Dan agrees to cut off the rocker locks.

After their makeovers, Alison announces each contestant as they come down the catwalk. What the contestants don’t know is that they each have a loved one waiting for them at the other end of the catwalk. Mark sobs when he sees his wife. Brittany and Kelly (Kelly looks like a whole new person!!!) get tearful in their moms’ arms. Jay squeals like a girl when his wife pops up, and then wraps himself around her, crying. Roger yells when he sees his wife, while Dan greets his dad rather cordially. Ali, who looks amazing, squeals and cries when greeted by her sister.

The contestants then move on to their photo shoot for Prevention Magazine. The girls feel beautiful, and Dan reports that this was just the fix-it that he needed to put the wind back in his sails for finishing up the rest of the competition.

The contestants get a few minutes with their trainers for a little oohing and ahhing over their new looks. Bob thinks Dan looks great; Jillian fawns over Ali’s new cut. But both trainers realize that, with all of the makeover hoopla, the contestants have had little time for working out this week. Jillian makes a bold decision regarding Brittany, who’s struggled every week to take off big numbers, and increases her sodium before the next weigh-in.

But first the teams gather for their next challenge, meeting Alison at the swimming pool, where seven treadmills are hovering 10 feet above the water. The challenge: they will have to walk — backwards!!! — on the treadmills, which will be increasing in speed. The last Loser to fall into the water wins a week-long vacation at Fitness Ridge Resort and Spa in Utah. After more than an hour on the treadmill, Ali finally falls off, giving Mark the win.

Mark is a different competitor than we saw before his elimination. He’s almost apologetic about his win, and it rankles teammate Roger something fierce. During a discussion with Bob about the challenge, Roger gets in Mark’s face about his apology and it turns into a screaming, cussing match, making Mark’s Last Chance Workout difficult.

After the Last Chance Workouts, the contestants file into the Weigh-in Room for their weekly weigh-in. There are milestones met (Mark reaches the 100-pound mark! Yeah, Mark!) and everyone loses. But Jay’s 3-pound loss and Brittany’s 2-pound loss push them below the yellow line. Jillian, who feels like an older sister to Brittany, leaves the weigh-in in tears.

During their deliberation time, Roger gets in Kelly’s face about who she plans to vote for. When she says she can’t vote for Brittany, he rolls his eyes at her and points out that she voted for Brittany last week. Again there’s an altercation involving Roger. Brittany decides to appeal to Dan for his vote, telling him that voting for her over Jay would be “really stupid” in terms of strategy.

But in the Elimination Room, Dan declares that his “alliances run deep” and casts his vote for Brittany. More surprisingly, Ali votes for Brittany as well, casting the final vote needed to get Brittany off the show.

“You cannot put a price on what Jillian has taught me,” Brittany says, adding that saying goodbye to Jillian is the hardest part of leaving. “I cannot wait for the finale,” she adds.

Brittany goes home and celebrates her weight loss by skydiving. “It was like the next chapter of my life opening,” she gushes. Today, she’s lost 62 pounds and plans to come back to the finale “smokey hot!”

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  1. Sleazybiker Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 8:28 am

    Jillian deliberately advised Brittany to consume salt, everyone knows that sodium causes water retention. Jillian manipulated Brittany because she wanted her below the yellow line. The question is why? Jillian is playing a game within the game and I haven’t yet figured out her goals. Jillian is not to be trusted.


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