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Big Brother 9: Matt Evicted, Adam Wins HOH!

March 19, 2008 08:54 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-matt-cast-photo-resized3.jpgDay 42 arrived with another eviction night for the Big Brother house. After winning Head Of Household and then the veto, James backed out of his promise to keep Natalie and Matt safe when he pulled Sheila off the block and placed Matt in her place. Natalie was very upset saying that James was a hypocrite.

Matt went to James and told him that he didn’t expect for him to nominate him. James said he felt he had to do it since he and Natalie were a twosome. Matt was brought to tears saying that he wanted to win the game for his mom and that he wasn’t ready for it to be over for him. He went back in the house crying to find Natalie in tears. She tried to console him, but he tossed her aside yet again and asked to be alone.

Joshuah, who has had a secret alliance with Ryan, said that he would be voting Matt out. So did Sheila. Adam, on the other hand, told Matt that he wanted Ryan out. Matt told Adam he didn’t think there was any way to save himself from eviction and that’s when Adam sparked some motivation in the nominee. He told him to go and argue his case.

Matt took Adam’s advice and went to each person asking for their support. “I never spent a birthday alone. Please don’t vote me out,” Matt told everybody since he would be spending his birthday alone in sequester if he would be voted out. Sheila, Sharon and Chelsia didn’t make any promises to him and thought his plea was ridiculous. Then Matt got upset. He told everybody outside that he did nothing to betray any of them. He said that it should be Ryan going home since he had done something bad to each of them. He took Sheila’s $10,000 in a previous challenge; he nominated James for eviction as well as Chelsia. He made a convincing case and Sheila’s mind was changed. As it stood, the vote looked like it would be a 3-3 tie. Sheila went to James and explained Matt’s argument and campaigned to oust Ryan. James said he didn’t know what he would do if it was a tie since he would be the one to break it.

In standard eviction-night filler, it was a Big Brother rewind as the winner of season eight, Evel Dick, and his daughter Daniele were interviewed. They are still close after their experience together in the house last summer. Both claim they still wouldn’t be talking had it not been for the game. Since his win, Dick took Daniele to Europe and bought her a car. As for the romance between Nick and Daniele – it’s no longer there. Daniele said they quit dating a short time after they got out of the house. Their thoughts on this season? They agreed that James is a good player and that Sheila and Natalie talk too much.

The live eviction had arrived and both Ryan and Matt were given the opportunity to plead their case. Ryan said he wanted the chance to stay so he could right his wrongs. Matt gave a speech like he was in court and asked for their support. One by one, the six houseguests eligible to vote went into the Diary Room. It came down as a tie. Three votes to evict Ryan (Adam, Sheila and Natalie) with three to evict Matt (Chelsia, Joshuah and Sharon). James, the current HOH, held the ultimate power – choosing who to knock out of the house. Without any statement, he voted out Matt. Natalie cried as he walked out of the house and became the first member of the jury.

Once outside, Chen asked him how he felt. He said he was devastated. As for he and Natalie’s future, he said they will be good friends but they are not compatible for love. He choked back tears as he watched his former houseguests’ comments.

bb9-adam-resized-cast-photo.jpgAfter the eviction, the houseguests competed to become the next HOH. Two at a time, they faced off answering questions about comments made by evicted houseguests. The first to buzz in and answer correctly would continue in the competition. Answer incorrectly and they were eliminated. If neither buzzed in with an answer, they would both be eliminated. It came down to Chelsia and Adam. Buzzing in immediately and taking a guess, Adam won the competition and became the new HOH. He was thrilled.

A pleasant element was teased to viewers for next week just before the episode was over. Season 8 winner Evel Dick will return on Tuesday to the house for a wake-up call the houseguests aren’t expecting.

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