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High School Reunion; Pipsqueak Love and A Backstabber’s Remorse.

March 19, 2008 09:13 PM by DA Southern

High School Reunion's Steve the Backstabber

The JJ Pierce High School Class of ’87 from Richardson, TX in TV Land’s, High School Reunion, is in full swing as our local villain, Steve the Backstabber, was seen arriving at the end of our last episode.

You know the stuff will be flying and, probably, hitting the whirling wind machine as it gently turns to cool the house guest and, more importantly, Lana and Mike, as the ripples of the failed tryst began to weave its way to the other classmates.

Day 4 started for us at 9:21 AM as we again saw Steve arriving and hugging Lana. Mike immediately left the area as he tried to deal with all of the emotions as they rushed back to him. The first confrontation with Steve came when Steve told Mike to remember the last thing he said to him the last time they saw each other, “That he loved him.” Hey, I thought he liked Lana. Now, I’m really confused.

After a few heated moments with Mike and several of the other classmates, Steve tried to spin the entire incident with Lana by saying that Mike wanted to set him up with her. Mike was incredulous and then came the dreaded words that would ignite a firestorm in the house when Steve said, “I’m not in your house now, Mike. I’m not going to bow down to you, boy.” The other guys rallied around Mike and Rob even said that, “Had this been High School, those would have been fighting words.”

Steve felt attacked and Glenn tried to cozy up to Steve when he realized that Steve was going to be his roommate. In the other room, Yvette tried to calm Matt down as he felt the need to come to the aid of his friend. Glenn was back in the room with Steve when Lana came into see them and to reconnect with Steve. You could tell that Lana was still very fond of Steve, even to the point of defending his honor to Glenn as Glenn tried to tell Steve to try to get along with everyone in the house.

Lana and Steve left together as the rest of the classmates watched in shock. The two ended up on Windmill Beach to discuss the situation as Steve was concerned about hostilities breaking out between him and Matt, but was confident that he could take him. I am actually starting to feel sorry for poor ole Steve, but, it is early.

Later in the morning Steve decided to try to apologize again to Mike. Poor Steve entered the hornet’s nest that was his former classmates to try to bring resolution to the incident with Lana and Mike. He was making a fairly honest attempt to reconcile the friendship between him and Mike, but, in reality, Mike was probably being more immature through the whole process as the rest of the classmates thought Steve to be a little brass and not as humble as he should have been. Steve continued to dig a deeper hole as he told Rob that Lana had actually thrown herself at him and that he succumbed to her womanly whiles. OK, not so classy. I take it back. I don’t feel sorry for Steve now.

Kirstin was talking about her “Hall Pass” with Sean and how it was a chance to show him that she was ready to commit to his money, I mean, a serious relationship. The pair headed off to another part of Hawaii to rekindle their love and Kirstin told him that she really wanted to be with him, but you could see that Sean was unsure.

Back at the house, Justin and DeAnna were looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, but what fun is that when we can have some more “Steve causing extreme tension” action. That’s much more fun than yucky love! Steve was still trying to defend himself to Cheryl while Glenn was talking to Mike. Mike told him how he had helped Steve through a hard time but that Steve started dating his ex-wife, Lana.

As the sun set on another day at the house, Lana was talking to Rob about how she hooked up with Steve, that they were both single and she didn’t see anything wrong with it. Rob listened but could not contain himself any longer as he told Lana that he thought Steve was creepy and a real jerk and that she still had feelings for him. Lana got mad, because Rob was right, and charged off to her room.

Rob decided that Steve was sucking the life out of the house so he decided to streak and jump into the pool to get some life back into the house. Then the rest of the guys decided to get naked and jump into the pool as well. DeAnna, feeling the thrill of the Hawaiian air on her skin, joined in with the guys, which gave Justin a whole new feeling towards her. No, not that. Where is your mind?

Steve was having second thoughts about even staying at the house but thought it really necessary to try to apologize to Mike, which was fairly admirable. Back at the pool, the naked DeAnna and Justin were hugging and what had to be the funniest statement uttered during the show, DeAnna said that she “thought something had changed between them.” Insert your own comment here.

Day 5 at the reunion had Justin getting a “Hall Pass” and, of course, asked DeAnna if she wanted to go, hoping to carry on the pool escapades, no doubt. The day must have been fairly uneventful as the next action happened at 9:05 PM for us and we saw the gang gorging themselves while poor Steve was off by himself. Rob was actually feeling bad about excluding Steve and invited him to dinner and made a pretty decent toast to the group as tensions seemed to diminish.

Justin and DeAnna were off on their date at the Westin Villas as we catch the action at 9:24 PM. Justin, still thinking himself in High School, couldn’t believe he was with the popular girl and that she was “into him.” Needless to say, the date was going very well with DeAnna making very overt moves to help Justin realize that they had a future together.

Back at the other date, Sean and Kirstin were still trying to sort out what feelings they had for each other. Kirstin was still trying to convince Sean that she had changed but Sean was fairly confident that she would not be with him during tough times, like she had done in the past.

The house seemed to have a fairly relaxed atmosphere as everyone was hanging out in the hot tub. Kat was talking about her lesbian experiences and then reached out to Matt about the loss of his wife and how he dealt with it all. Yvette was extremely touched and tried to comfort Matt as much as possible and you could see that the two had connected.

Back at the date with Justin and DeAnna, dinner was over as they headed to their room with a flower-covered bed with a huge bathtub that they found themselves in when Justin said (to us) that, “He thinks they are going to do it.” I don’t know what he means by that, but I guess we will see. The next morning arrived and they were in bed together. I wonder if they did “it?” They both had robes on and they kissed some more, so, I guess so.

The “Hall Pass” date between Sean and Kirstin was so bad and you could see that it would be very doubtful if, after the reunion, they would ever see each other again. Sean even said that he did not believe that she was not someone who would be there through the tough times for him. You have got to wonder what these “tough times” were with this guy.

Back at the house, poor Lana was still trying to defend her relationship with Steve to Jason as she was truly living up to her name as “The Drama Queen.” Steve finally was going to get his time with Mike as the pair of them got a “Detention” and was to meet for an hour to work things out. Poor Mike, this was his second detention. Maybe it is him who is causing all of this strife. Steve was hoping to move on with Mike and Mike was not willing to kiss and make up, but alas, we won’t see what happens until the next episode.

With budding relationships and a possible scuffle, of course we will be seeing a new classmate coming into the mix on the next episode of High School Reunion and RealityTVMagazine.com has it all for you.

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Photo Courtesy of TV Land.

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