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Survivor: Micronesia — Kathy Quits, Tracy Voted Out!

March 19, 2008 08:07 PM by Ryan Haidet

kathleen-survivor.jpgTwo players were knocked out of the game in last week’s episode. First Jonathan was removed for medical reasons. Then Malakal voted out Chet. Tonight, two more contestants join the outcast pool knocking down the number of Survivors to 11.

Day 18 arrived with 13 players remaining. Over at Malakal, Tracy wanted to kill and eat some of the chickens since she didn’t think they were laying as many eggs as they used to. Ozzy disagreed and argued they had plenty of other food to eat and that the eggs were a constant source of food even if there weren’t that many each day. This was the first signs of a strategic battle between Tracy and Ozzy.

At Airai, Kathy was miserable because of the weather. They had all been attacked by mosquitoes and were frustrated with a funky smell in their camp. “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Kathy said of coming on the show. She couldn’t stop thinking of home. But James may have summed it up best when he said that this is a show called “Survivor.” It’s supposed to be difficult, but it will come to an end.

Host Jeff Probst has said in interviews that Erik and Jason both have man crushes on Ozzy – tonight’s episode proved it. Back at the Malakal camp, Ozzy was climbing the trees in his monkey-like way with Erik (fan) amazed. He wanted to learn everything Ozzy knew how to do. Cirie noticed Erik’s fandom and said that when he speaks of Ozzy that stardust nearly comes out of his mouth. Surely a dream for Erik, Ozzy taught him how to climb the trees, which Cirie compared to “The Lion King.” Ozzy playing the role of the father lion teaching his cub how to survive.

Then Ozzy asked the tribe to row their boat out further than usual so they could go fishing. Cirie was getting tired of his arrogance and bossiness, but she agreed to help.

At the reward challenge, four blindfolded tribemates were to roll large stones (actual Micronesian money) around a course by the guidance of two of their own (not blindfolded). The goal was to roll the stones over several tiles at different stations. Under each broken tile was a smaller Micronesian money stone that doubled as a puzzle piece. The first team to get all the pieces and complete a puzzle would win a trip to a hut with a shower and food. Malakal, led by Cirie, took an early lead as the Eliza-led Airai tribe lagged behind. Both teams reached the puzzle platform, but it was too late for Airai. Malakal won the reward.

trcay-survivor.jpgAs usual, the winning tribe was able to choose one member of the opposing tribe to go to Exile Island. They sent Jason. The caveat – they also had to send one of their own, meaning somebody who helped win the reward couldn’t share in it. “Can you take one for the team?” Ozzy asked Tracy. It appeared Ozzy single-handedly chose her to go.

Upon arriving at their reward at a beautiful waterfall, Ozzy, Amanda, Ami, Cirie and Erik saw a spread of muffins and cookies. Also available was a shower and everything needed to clean themselves up. Amanda, Ozzy and Ami shared the shower with both girls taking their tops off to wash one another’s back. Then the rain came, but they were protected from it under a hut.

The same couldn’t be said for Airai. They were standing in a cave trying to wait out the storm. Frustrated Kathy remarked that when people watch the show at home, they only see a few seconds of the rain and don’t grasp how awful it is to experience. That night they went deeper into the cave as Kathy continued saying this was the stupidest thing she had ever done. Day 19′s morning arrived with Kathy upset about the situation. She said she didn’t sleep all night. She went to the beach and tried to feel her family’s vibes back home – and she couldn’t do it. She said she couldn’t feel her family and this brought her to tears. Kathy told everybody else that she was done and couldn’t take it anymore. Natalie, who may be the most unknown contestant in the show’s history (in fact, some readers may be saying, “Who?”), tried to tell Kathy that it was a tough day for everybody. Kathy continued to sob and said that all she wanted was a boat to come and pick her up and take her away.

Her island vibes may not have worked, but her island wish was granted.

Probst came out on a boat to Airai’s beach to find out what was going on. She told him that leaving was solely her decision, but she didn’t want people to think she was quitting. Umm. Yeah. A true fan of the show would have stayed it out. She grabbed her belongings and climbed into the boat with Probst on her way out to outcast land. Kathy became the second member of Airai to be eliminated without being voted out. With that, they were down to six members on each tribe.

Over at Malakal, Amanda and Cirie discussed Ozzy’s arrogance and selfish side. Cirie once again pulling on the strategic strings as she promoted an Erik ouster. But since Ozzy wouldn’t want to vote him out, they decided they wouldn’t tell him the truth. More on that later.

At the immunity challenge, everybody was surprised to see that Kathy was gone. The two exiled players returned and the stage was set for an evenly matched battle. One at a time, one tribe member with an end of a rope in hand had to run across a floating bridge to a set of puzzle pieces on a platform. They then had to attach the rope to one of the pieces and then hang on so their tribemates on the beach could reel them back in. The first tribe to get all the pieces back and complete their puzzle would win immunity. The losers would be forced to make the dreaded trek to Tribal Council. Airai fell behind early yet again as Ozzy mastered the floating bridge. Ozzy’s ability to compete in the challenge brought all five pieces to Malakal’s shore first, but Airai was gaining ground during the puzzle construction. Cirie and Amanda struggled and lost Ozzy’s lead as Airai’s Eliza and Jason overtook and won immunity. For the third straight time, Malakal was sent to Tribal Council.

They first returned to camp with an elimination looming. Strategies flooded Malakal’s beach. Cirie and Amanda apologized to Ozzy for losing the massive lead and the challenge. Ozzy then said he thought it should be Tracy who gets voted out next. Ami didn’t agree. She had a plan of her own that would blindside most and knock out Ozzy. She schemed to get Tracy and Erik to vote with her against him. But she and Tracy would tell Amanda and Cirie they were voting for Erik. They would hold the majority by letting Ozzy vote for Tracy. Would it work? They arrived at Tribal Council where Probst asked Tracy who was the tribe’s leader. Without any thought, she said it was definitely Ozzy. Cirie said she agreed because it seemed that most people check with him first before anything gets done. Ozzy responded that he didn’t think he was really the leader and Erik defended his papa lion saying that things need to be done around camp. Before the votes were cast, Tracy made a strong argument that she will be much less of a threat when the merge arrives than Ozzy. After all six voted, Probst revealed that it didn’t work out for Tracy. She was booted 5 to 1.

After she was voted out, Tracy Hughes-Wolfe, a commercial and residential builder said, “Going up against the favorites was quite difficult. Ozzy’s a wonderful player in this game. He is manipulative and he’s strategic. He will definitely take the rest of the tribe down. They need to get rid of him ASAP, or they don’t stand a chance. I wish I could have stayed in longer. I went out kicking. I did everything I could and I’m just grateful to be here.”

No Survivor next week, fans. It’s been knocked out of the way for a week so NCAA basketball can fill the airwaves.

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