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American Idol Finalist Amanda Overmeyer Not Hurt By Vote For The Worst

March 20, 2008 04:13 PM by Joe Reality

Frank Micelotta/FOX

For the last several weeks, American Idol finalist Amanda Overmyer has been the contestant of choice for the Vote For The Worst website. While Vote For The Worst is often thought of as the website that encourages viewers to vote for the worst singer, that is not technically what they do. Vote For The Worst actually supports who they consider to be the most entertaining contestant who they feel American Idol producers would not want to see win.

In a media conference call, recently eliminated American Idolfinalist Amanda Overmyer was asked if she was following Vote For The Worst. Amanda replied, “No, I had heard that I was their girl though.”

When Amanda Overmyer was asked if Vote For The Worst had hurt her chances on American Idol or hurt her personally, Amanda displayed the same good natured attitude that she displayed after being voted off Idol. Amanda said, “No, it didn’t personally hurt me at all. I mean, hell, votes are votes, and from what I hear they weren’t too harsh on me or anything. I think a chunk of them actually liked me for like real.”

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Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta/FOX

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