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It’s the Final Vote on Make Me a Supermodel!

March 20, 2008 09:27 PM by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A SupermodelThis week on Make Me a Supermodel, Shannon and Ronnie are up for the vote. Surprise! Shannon’s first time at the bottom is also her last, as America keeps Ronnie on for another week.

There are only four models left, and Holly is the only girl. “I hate you guys,” she says to Ronnie and Perry. She might be the only female, but she’s tired of taking the boys’ insults.

Naomi Campbell makes a surprise visit, and looks over the models’ books. The boys are dumbstruck. “She smells great!” Ben finally manages to say. Naomi likes Holly’s hair, and calls Perry’s shoot “saucy”.

The last photo assignment involves nudity. The models will be getting elemental, and each one is assigned to be earth, wind, fire or water. Legendary photographer and director Matthew Rolston will be shooting. The models aren’t as shy as they were several weeks ago, but Holly is still a little squeamish. “Seeing Ben naked is like seeing your brother naked. It just shouldn’t happen,” she says.

Ben’s up first, as Wind. He shows off his amazing physique under billowing yards of fabric. “That was very good work,” Matthew says. “Ben impressed me very much.” Holly is up next, embodying fire. She’s wearing a bald cap and not much else – Matthew will be adding flames to her head using photo shop. “She’s not as toned as she should be for a nude,” Matthew complains, but he gets his shot.

Perry is startling as Water. He’s looking fierce, with his teeth blacked out into points and a huge ice cube in his mouth. He’s naked, too, but Matthew has him tuck his tail between his legs for the shoot. Perry has one request. He has an “A” on his wrist, a sign of his love for wayward girlfriend Amanda Pagel. Apparently, he believes last week’s tabloid story, because he asks the photographer if he can erase the tat from the shots. He doesn’t want to be reminded of his ex when he’s viewing his awesome shoot. Matthew promises to wipe out any trace of Miss A.

Ronnie is assigned Earth, and he looks like a Greek god. “Masculine grace at its finest,” Matthew says. The models are in for another surprise – that night they attend a gallery party featuring their photos! Everyone loves the pics and the models are riding high.

Time for the final catwalk, and it’s a triple decker. The models will do three looks and three different walks. Niki’s brought in some help, though. Christian Siriano, the winner of Project Runway, is on hand to make sure the contestants look fierce. The models practice their walks, and as usual Christian has plenty to say.

Holly’s confident this week. “I’m gonna kill that catwalk like it’s a lazy squirrel,” she says. Christian likes her too. “She’s a great model. I would probably book her.” Christian also thinks he knows why America loves Ronnie so much. “He’s so cute! Maybe because all the gays are in love with him.” He’s not so sure about the other viewer favorite, Ben. “I don’t think Ben is ready,” he says.

The first walk is underwear, and Holly is cute and almost retro in an orange wig. The boys don’t have much to show in plain black skivvies. They get to have fun on the second walk, though. Ben looks like he’s ready to hunt Easter eggs in a blue bow tie and white shorts, and loosens up enough to do a little skip at the end. Perry goes for a full blown dance number at the end of the catwalk, and Holly is gorgeous in a fluffy, ruffly gown and matching hat. Ronnie’s got shades from the 80′s, but his walk is forgettable.

The third look is a serious one, and the models all do a nice job of elegantly showing off their fancy clothes. Holly’s happy to be out there. “My favorite part about modeling is the catwalk.”

The judges have lots to say to the contestants. It’s the last time we’ll be voting, and America is going to choose the winner this week. Will it be Perry, so sure of himself and newly single? Ronnie, the good looking All-American boy? Ben, the prison guard with a body so hot even Tyson Beckford comments on it? Or will Holly be the last girl standing? Go to www.bravotv.com right now to vote, and pick who will be made into a supermodel!

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Photo courtesy Bravo TV.

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