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The Celebrity Apprentice: It’s U.K. vs. U.S.

March 20, 2008 08:22 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Trump-Explains-Task-Courtesy-NBCTrace, Carol, Lennox, and Piers have just gotten a huge shock. Just when they think the Boardroom spotlight is out for another week, The Donald brings them back in to announce that two more celebs will go home before the end of the night. He brings in CNBC’s Erin Burnett and Mad Money’s Jim Cramer to interview the Apprentices. “The one thing I’m good at is talking,” a confident Piers boasts.

But he probably didn’t count on the interview being quite as grueling as it is. Erin and Jim fire questions at the celebs hard – about their charities, their gameplay, their opinions on who should be fired. “I felt like I was playing ping-pong with a world champ,” Trace complains. Piers, of course, comes across as too-confident, bordering on ruthless, while Trace’s down-home attitude strikes a chord with both interviewers. Carol wins over Jim Cramer; neither interviewer is blown away by Lennox, who is just too laid-back. In the end, both Erin and Jim advise The Donald to fire Piers and Lennox.

The Donald gathers the contestants back in the Boardroom again for a little more grilling. Right away, Piers tries to align himself with The Donald, pointing out that they’re both ruthless and saying that Lennox could not win without Piers’ help. Lennox, to his own detriment, agrees with that. The Donald doesn’t like this response and makes his first decision right away. “Lennox, you’re fantastic, but you’re fired.” Leaving, Lennox says he was happy just to have been able to raise money for his charity.

With Lennox gone, The Donald agonizes over who else will go. He thinks it’s “very tough” to fire Piers, given how much he’s won throughout the season. Yet both Jim and Erin dislike Piers’ style. Trace agrees, calling Piers’ style “ruthless” and “merciless,” and complaining that Piers would “stab you in the forehead.” Piers tells The Donald that he should fire Carol because Carol will be a tougher opponent for Piers to beat than Trace will be; he feels confident that he could handily destroy Trace.

The Donald is overcome with love of the friction that comes off of Trace and Piers and tells Carol he’s having a hard time getting past that. “I want to see these two guys go at it. Carol, you’re fired!” he says. Not fair, but Carol takes it in stride. “As long as that’s the reason I’m going,” she says, adding that coming on the show was a “big act of faith” for her and a “personal triumph” to have made it so far.

After Carol has left, The Donald calls the Piers/Trace battle the battle of “good vs. evil,” and sends them out. “You’re going down, cowboy,” Piers snarks on the way out the door. “Alright, you take your best shot,” Trace slings back.

The next morning, The Donald (white tie) gathers the guys to tell them about their next challenge, which will be a charity auction and concert event. Both players will work on the event together, but will each be in charge of a different aspect of the event.

Next thing we know, The Donald is ushering out Carol, Stephen, Marilu, and Lennox for the guys to use on their teams. Trace wins the coin toss and gets to choose his team first. He chooses Lennox and Marilu. Piers takes Stephen and Carol. “May the best man win, and I will,” Piers says, as they leave to plan their event.

Right away, Trace concedes that Piers will bring in more money than he will, so he concentrates instead on bringing in more celebrities than Piers and charters two airplanes in hopes of flying in an army of country buddies. Marilu and Lennox meet with the decorators and while Marilu fusses, Lennox takes charge of getting the job done quickly. Meanwhile, Trace meets with the Backstreet Boys, who turn out to be difficult and demanding. “Talking to the Backstreet Boys is time out of my life that I’ll never get back,” Trace complains.

Piers is focusing on securing unique items for the auction. He visits his “old friend” Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and she agrees to auction a tea date with herself as well as a tea set to help the cause. Piers then makes the decision to give away tickets to 20 soldiers, hoping it will help excite the charitable mood for his charity (the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund). The bad news, however, is that Stephen, who was supposed to be on the phone calling in celebrity friends, doesn’t get the job done. He claims the problem is that nobody can make it on short notice, but he doesn’t look too eaten up about the fact that this could cost Piers the win (hmmm,weren’t Stephen and Trace pretty tight,?).

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