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Exclusive Interview with High School Reunion’s Kat!

March 21, 2008 03:50 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Kat-Courtesy-Ronan-Zilberman-TVLandAttending a 20-year high school reunion is frightening enough for most people. Add to the mix a plan to “come out” during the reunion, living withclassmates you haven’t seen for 20 years,and televising the whole thing, and you’ve got one horrifying experience.

But for High School Reunion’s Kat, the experience was one she’ll never forget.

“I was actually really scared,” Kat tells Reality TV Magazine in a recent interview. “I think I was more excited than scared and then once I got to Maui, that’s when all the anxiety started to kick in. But for me it just ended up being amazing.”

Kat’s plan, to reveal to her former classmates that she’s a lesbian, ramped up her fear of what might happen. But, she reports, she was pleasantly surprised by the reception she received from them.

“I absolutely achieved what I’d hoped to achieve. Coming out to my classmates was a terrifying thing to do. I was so hidden and closeted and scared in high school. They accepted me with open arms just as I had hoped. It made my trip really pleasant and successful. It’s always nice to get acceptance from the people you grew up with.”

Still, some of her former classmates couldn’t help but test her dedication to her sexuality. As we saw in episode 2, Kat spent some time with Rob, testing the waters of a “straight date.” The date, Kat reports, didn’t sway her to the “straight” side as Rob had hoped.

“It just didn’t feel comfortable,” she says. “I wasn’t in the driver’s seat like I’m used to being in. It’s something I don’t know if I want to experience again.”

But whether any of the other JJ Pearce grads will take a shot at swaying Kat to the other side during the show, Kat won’t say. “As far as there being any more attempts,You’re going to have to watch and just see what happens,” she says.

Kat, who admits that she’s “jealous, in a good way” of teens who can come out of the closet today without fear, has nothing but good feelings about her stint on reality TV.

“We all keep in touch,” she says, adding that she and Justin are currently trying to convince reality show The Amazing Race to film a reality star version of the show and cast them in it. “We’re all just really great friends. We’re,a big family now. It was such a bonding experience.”

High School Reunion airs on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM (ET)on TVLand.

Photo Courtesy: Ronan Zilberman/TVLand

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