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Is American Idol Wildcard Show In The Works?

March 21, 2008 12:28 PM by Joe Reality

David Hernandez

There has been some buzz on various American Idol message boards and blogs about the possibility of an American Idol 7 wildcard show. However, that same buzz has surfaced every year since American Idol eliminated the wildcard show. This year the buzz might be a little stronger, because the official American Idol website recently had a poll question asking visitors to vote on who should be brought back as a wildcard.

Also, in a recent press call, David Hernandez, who was the first of the American Idol 7 top twelve finalists eliminated, made an interesting comment. Hernandez said, “I’m off the show, and I’m not going back on obviously, unless they were to pull me as a wildcard, which would be amazing.” So was David Hernandez’s comment a subtle hint that a wildcard show is in the works or just wishful thinking?

Given that the American Idol 7 finale has been announced for Tuesday, May 20 and Wednesday, May 21, then it would seem like there wouldn’t be time to do a wildcard show if one finalist is going to be eliminated every week. However, American Idol could always do a surprise double elimination week, which would allow them to throw in a wildcard to really shake things up.

However, another more likely possibility is a special wildcard competition for a spot on the American Idol tour. There has been some Internet speculation about this possibility. Given the poll on the American Idol website and David Hernandez’s comment, it does seem like American Idol producers might have something up their sleeves in regards to a wildcard competition.

Normally, the top ten finalists on American Idol go on tour, but a wildcard show could be used to allow previously eliminated contestants to compete for an additional spot on the tour. Some speculation centers around this wildcard show occurring as part of the Idol Gives Back special. This rumor would make sense considering that FOX has announced a special 7:30 PM start time for Idol Gives Back. The extra thirty minutes could be to hold some type of American Idol wildcard tour competition.

Who would take part in an American Idol wildcard tour competition? Since David Hernandez and Amanda Overmyer were the only two finalists who did not quality for the tour, it would probably be a given that they would be given a chance. However, a competition between two people wouldn’t require an extra thirty minutes on Idol Gives Back. It would not be surprising if three judges’ choices from either the semifinalists or Hollywood rounds of the competition were also brought back for the wildcard. Post your personal choices for an American Idol wildcard competition below.

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  1. Lyoness7 Says:
    March 22nd, 2008 at 7:44 am

    Robbie, Please bring Robbie back. Robbie is the one eliminated way to soon. His voice is amazing.


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