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Big Brother 9: Adam Nominates Chelsia & James!

March 23, 2008 08:19 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9_chelsia-resized.jpgAfter a short Head Of Household competition last week, Adam claimed the title and was set to finally have power in the house. But he didn’t seem ready for it after he said it was too much work. He wasn’t a fan of the sucking up he would see and didn’t really want to have to nominate anybody.

Natalie was very upset with James over Matt’s eviction and still believes that he is her soul mate. But yet again, as he was evicted, she tried to console him and give him a hug to only be pushed to the side. Some soul mate. The house felt that she had become a weak player after he was ousted, but Natalie said that it made her stronger.

In one of the most bizarre HOH bedroom reveals, Adam’s was filled with baby food. Not only on the table, but in the mini refrigerator as well. It seemed Adam was embarrassed by it because he said that he doesn’t eat baby food that much. No worries, though, Adam. Natalie said that she’d be more than willing to eat some of it with you since she likes it as well.

Strategies began and Joshuah approached Adam with a deal – protection from eviction for one another. It seemed legit. Then Adam went in the house and asked Sheila how she would handle it if he put her up for eviction. She was shocked and upset telling him that if he did that and she stayed in the house that he would be her next target.

Then in a fun luxury competition, the houseguests competed for the chance to win a private screening of the movie “21.” A film based on counting cards in Las Vegas, the backyard was set up like a mini casino for the contest. The game was a difficult one. One at a time, a card with a houseguest’s face on it would flash on a screen. The first player to identify which faces were on cards that totaled 21 would win a chip. The first to get four chips would win the movie screening. Ryan dominated the competition and easily won. He chose Adam, James and Natalie to watch the flick with him – but was he willing to gamble that screening for a trip for two to Las Vegas? You bet! In one hand of black jack, Ryan lost his movie screening, which essentially handed the movie night over to the four not picked to watch it. Ryan had won the initial competition, but his gamble left him with nothing to show for it.

big-brother-9-james-courtesy-cbs3.jpgAfter the luxury contest, Natalie was reading her Bible and prayed for clues that could help her in the game. She discovered that there were eight pink curtains in the one bedroom. Apparently the number eight has some significance to her (despite there being eight houseguests left) since she counted eight stones, pillows, etc. She started looking for another hint of what the number eight could mean. And somehow came up with Evel Dick’s return (Big Brother 8 winner) since there are eight letters in his name. The funny thing, though, is that he will be back in the next episode to give them all a wake-up call. I think the most significant thing with eight, however, is that the table had shrunk now that half the players are gone.

Evictions were near and Adam considered putting his ex-partner, Sheila, up for eviction. Natalie tried to convince him that she wasn’t the person to target. But it was revealed at the ceremony that Adam had nominated both James and Chelsia. James, who had held the ultimate power last week, now faces his potential second eviction.

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