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RTV Predicts…What We Think Will Happen This Week!

March 24, 2008 08:47 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Trump-Explains-Task-Courtesy-NBCYou know the drill by now: You watch the shows, you pick your favorites, you talk about them, and you make your predictions about what will happen next.

At Reality TV Magazine we’re doing the same thing — watching the shows, chatting about our faves (and our least-faves), and guessing about what’s next. With American Idol whittling down this season’s cream of the crop and Celebrity Apprentice at finale point this week, we’ve got plenty to talk about. And plenty of predictions to make. Here’s what we think might happen on reality TV this week:

Joe, on American Idol:

1. Kristy Lee Cook will have a much better performance this week, but she will still be the next finalist to go home. The finalistwho people have been expecting to go home every week, always only gets eliminated after they improve.

2. Ryan Seacrest will officially announce a wildcard competition as part of Idol Gives Back.

3. There will be controversy over if some of the songs that the finalists pick for the “Songs From The Year They Were Born” theme were actually released in the year that the finalists were born.

4. Someone named David will have the best performance of the top ten performance show.

Jen, on The Biggest Loser:

One of the women makes a Biggest Loser record this week. Given that the choices are only Ali and Kelly, I’ve gotta go with Ali on this one. Despite the fact that the boys own the majority of the show, I think Mark or Jay will go home this week. Dan will do that smug smirk thing and comment on how superior he is. One of the guys will bawl like a baby at least once this episode.

Jen, on Dancing with the Stars:

Has Penn Jillette made himself disappear with his clumsy dance moves? Probably not. This week the women will totally outshine the men, but Monica Seles and Adam Carolla will go home.

Jen, on The Bachelor:

Shayne will mentionthe fact that she’s an actress and her father is Lorenzo Lamas at leastonce. Someone will get tipsy and cuss someone else out. We’ll get our first glance of Matt Grant with no shirt on(purrr…). Someone will cry when voted off, claiming they’re already in love.

Jen, on Celebrity Apprentice:

While I LOVE Piers and would so enjoy seeing him win, I LOVE Trace even more and would love to see himhear, “You’re hired.” He’s played a clean, smart game and he’s just so dad-gum loveable. But…I expect The Donald to choosePiers, whose cutthroat tactics he surely admires.

Jen, on Oprah’s Big Give:

LOVE this show! This week expect to see the givers tested even harder. Who will rise to the challenge? Brandi, most definitely, will getcreativeonce again, as will Rachael. But the guys will struggle — especially Cameron, who seems to have a tough time thinking outside the box. I would expect to see Cameron or Stephen go home this week.

Can’t watch the shows? Catch the recaps right here on Reality TV Magazine!

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