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Big Brother 9: James Wins Veto, Sharon Nominated For Eviction!

March 25, 2008 08:10 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-sharon-cast-photo-resized1.jpg“Done – DUN.” That’s what Natalie had to say about Adam’s nominations. She couldn’t have been happier.

James and Chelsia had been nominated against each other and they were both determined to win the veto and pull themselves off the block. James realized that if he didn’t win the veto that he would be voted out for the second time. Both he and Chelsia were acting like children about their nominations and it was irritating Sheila and Natalie. At this point, Joshuah remained the only houseguest this season who has not been nominated for eviction.

It came time for the winners of the recent luxury competition to watch “21,” a new movie about gambling in Vegas. But before that screening began, in the tubs of popcorn for the four about to watch it (Sharon, Chelsia, Sheila and Joshuah), there was a golden ticket for a trip to Las Vegas. Chelsia had won it. They went up and watched the movie in the Head Of Household bedroom.

Later that night, they chose players at random for the veto competition. Sheila, Joshuah and Sharon were picked to play with Adam, Chelsia and James. They all went to sleep not sure when the competition would begin.

That’s where Big Brother 8 winner, Evel Dick came in. He entered the house early in the morning and woke everybody up with his pots-and-pans routine. He walked around banging them in everybody’s ear and told them they had 10 minutes to get outside for the veto competition.

It was a nasty game of croquet. But first, each player was given three minutes to drink as many nasty shots as possible, which would determine how many shots of croquet they would get. After that nastiness ended, the first three players to shoot (Chelsia, Joshuah and Sharon) didn’t score that many points since they didn’t get that many shots. It came down to Adam and James, with James taking the veto.

The worse-case scenario had hit many in the house. Chelsia was concerned that she was now going to go home. But on the other end, Joshuah and Sharon were worried they would be picked as the replacement nominee. So, Joshuah had told Sharon that he felt she would be more likely to stay in the house against Chelsia than he would. Sharon agreed and went to talk to Adam about it. She said she was fine going on the block if people would keep her safe from eviction.

The veto meeting arrived and James pulled himself off the block. Adam, with no shocking move, nominated Sharon for eviction.

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