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The Biggest Loser: Kelly and Ali vs the Blue Guys

March 25, 2008 08:06 PM by Christine McDow

As the show begins Jillian shows up to see if it is Brittany or Jay who went home from the night before. She was generally crushed to see that Brittany was gone as it was Jay who is the bigger threat. She hoped the guys would be smart and vote for him to leave. Jillian realizes that this week is do or die and that if she doesn’t help the women do it, that the black team will be eliminated.

Bob is thrilled, although not surprised to see Jay still in the house. He is concerned however at the fact that Jay only lost 3 pounds the night before and starts pushing in the guys heads that they need to be eating more complex carbs. He tells them that Jay’s routine has not been working so it is time to change the routine. The guys agree and Jay realizes that he should have been the one to go home because he is a stronger player than Brittany.

allison-with-covered-tray-at-pop-quiz.jpgAllison walks into the kitchen to surprise the remaining contestants and asks them to meet her in the eviction room in five minutes. The contestants are all worried, especially Ali, because the last time something like this happened it was her and her mom who were sent packing.

The house mates walk in and see a covered tray sitting in the middle of the table. They are told by Allison that the tray is something they would all want very badly. Allison informs the contestants that they are going to participate in a pop quiz, last man standing wins. If you get an answer wrong you are out of the game.

Question 1:
How any calories do you need to burn to equal one pound?

Answer: 3500 calories
All the contestants got it correct.

Question 2:

When he returned to campus a few weeks ago how much weight had Curtis lost?

100 pounds
Dan, Jay, and Roger were all correct, Kelly, Ali, and Mark were incorrect and out of the game.

Question 3: (Person closest without going over wins)
How many calories are in a cup of fat free strawberry yogurt?

Answer: 200 calories
Dan guessed 100, Jay and Roger both guessed 60. Dan won…a piece of chocolate cake!

After winning his chocolate cake Dan hesitantly said, “Thank you…” and waited for the punchline. Allison told him the cake was worth 600 calories and that he could do whatever he wanted with it, including eat it, but that she suggested he bring it to the challenge.

dan-reading-ransom-note-for-cake.jpgAfter the game Dan became obsessed with his cake, taking it everywhere with him including the gym, until he went for a walk with Jay and Mark. At the end of their walk Dan was confronted by Roger who told him that the cake had disappeared. Dan frantically went running around the house looking for his cake and found a note on Kelly’s bed that said, “Dan, I know the location of your precious cake. Kelly, Black Team Survivor.” He goes to confront Kelly and finds her in the shower. She seems shocked that his cake was missing, which of course none of the blue team believes.

Back in the kitchen Dan tells Ali of the ransom note and she laughs as Kelly walks in. Dan makes a comment that the girls are jealous because he is the smartest person in the house to which Kelly responds that if he was the smartest person then he wouldn’t leave his cake. They start giving him hits as to where he needs to look for the cake. He finally finds it, intact, in the laundry room. To his surprise Roger then admits that he is the one who took the cake and states that he was trying to teach him a lesson.

In the gym Bob realizes that Jillian is going to be out for blood and that he is going to have to push the former blue team harder than ever before. In the midst of this pushing and badgering Mark starts yelling at Bob, who easily took it with a grain of salt. Jillian had also been working out with the girls in the gym and all three of them know that if either Kelly or Ali fall below the line with one of the guys that they will go home.

After the workouts and the cake fiasco the girls find a goodie basket left for them from Jillian that includes 100 calorie bags of popcorn. They are very excited by this and by the actual amount of popcorn that 100 calories is and invite the boys to have their own bag and watch a movie.

Finally the mystery of the piece of cake is resolved. The house mates gather in the center of a basketball gym for their next challenge. Each of them have a table with their name on it. Throughout the bleachers and stands of the most calorie and favorite stadium foods including pizza, pretzels, cotton candy, hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, ice cream and french fries. The contestants have 20 minutes to put as many calories on tables other than their own. At the end whoever has the least amount of calories will win $10,000. Dan was allowed to put the piece of cake on any table that he chose and he picked Kelly’s.

Kelly knows the guys will probably team up on her and Ali and plans on filling the guys tables up. Ali doesn’t want to play the game and plans on disbursing food evenly. The guys agree to leave each other alone and pile up the girls table. Everyone sticks by their plans until Ali realizes what the guys are doing and realizes it is alienation and is angry. She then tries to pile up the tables belonging to the blue team members. At the end of the competition Kelly was right and she did have the most calories.

Kelly – 15061 calories
Ali - 14327 calories
Dan – 5736 calories
- 5612 calories
Roger – 4896 calories
Jay – 4480 calories

jay-thinking-about-one-pound-pass.jpgJay won the $10,000 and quickly said that he was going to take his wife on a vacation. Then however Allison offered to sell him a one-pound pass for that $10,000. Lucky for Jay he had till weigh-in to decide. For his own safety Dan tried to convince Jay to keep the $10,000. Roger on the other hand told him that game wise he would be a fool not to take the pass. Bob agreed with Roger and it seemed like Jay agreed as well.

Ali decided that after the blue teams stunt she was going to form a strong alliance with Kelly, and when they told Jillian about what happened they all agreed that they had to push it to the absolute limit this week in order to keep both women in the house. During the last chance workout Jillian does just that. Both ladies know that whatever happens they tried their hardest.

The blue team has their last chance with Bob and everyone is a bit cocky, including Bob who says he is not concerned at all. However Bob has them working as one, as soldiers, in order to change their workout and offer them the most amount of burnt calories. The guys are sure this workout is going to keep them on top and that at least one, if not both of the ladies will be below the yellow line, making it an easy decision.

At the weigh in the numbers stack up.

Jay went from 206 to 201 giving him a 5lb loss and 2.91% with the 1b pound pass.
Roger went from 242 to 236 giving him a 6lb loss and 2.48%.
Dan went from 199 to 198 giving him just a 1lb loss and 0.50%.
Mark went from 185 to 181 giving him a 4lb loss and 2.16%.
Ali went from 155 to 149 giving her a 6lb loss and 3.87%.
Kelly went from 199 to 192 giving her a 7lb loss and 3.52%.

dan-realizes-he-is-in-trouble.jpgDan and Mark were shocked that they were below the yellow line together. Dan looked completely defeated and couldn’t stand the fact that it wasn’t even close. He knew that he screwed up by eating too many bites of the junk food during the challenge. Ali commented that, “This is what happens when you get girls mad.”

Dan knows going into the elimination room that Jay will not vote for Mark. He also knows that of the two he is the bigger threat. As he sits slumped in the chair it is clear that he already knows he is going to be the one going home. As expected Roger, Ali and Kelly all make their decision looking at the numbers and they send Dan home. Before he leaves he tells the three remaining blue team members that they have to win it, cries and walks out the door.

Two weeks after leaving the house Dan packed up and moved to LA to pursue his music career. In the house he had lost 112 pounds and as of the taping of his spot at the end of the show he had lost another 13 pounds giving him a grand total of 125 pounds and he looked AWESOME. He claims that he will be the biggest at home loser…and I believe him.

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